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Introducing Bite The Buffalo

Bite the Buffalo

Bite The Buffalo are a band based in Bath, England who have really made a substantial mark on the international music scene in a very short time.

They formed a relatively short while ago in 2010 when two brothers, Stos and Miti really did find their mojo. The pair moved to the UK a few years back to pursue their musical career, which has been a great success, initially with i Am BODHi but since 2010 when the brothers worked together to form Bite The Buffalo. The brothers called Stos and Miti have picked up a lot of pace, and yes this pair truly have found their mojo are not afraid to use it.

If you like lightly fuzzed up blues rock’n’roll then you are going to love Bite The Buffalo. Last year Bite the Buffalo were invited by Planet LA Records to show America exactly why they are the talk of the UK music scene. Planet LA Records worked with Daddy Longlegs Records and Bite the Buffalo to help bridge the gap between the best of UK and American talent. Bite The Buffalo had a wonderful time, some of this can be seen on this You Tube video recorded at The Viper Rooms, Hollywood.

If this is not enough to convince and or convert you into a fan, then check out the bands Soundcloud page, where you can hear all of their material and also download everything. The tracks from their first EP are available as free downloads.

Bite The Buffalo are truly a musical phenomena, with Stos as frontman providing superb guitar with slightly gruff vocals and Miti firmly on the sticks whilst also backing vox. These guys have to be seen, they are truly mesmerising as they share their stomp rock’n’roll mojo. For anybody in the UK their album launch gig is to be held in Bath at Banglo on the 28th of February 2013. Soon after this Bite The Buffalo are heading back to the States to perform in the Red Shed at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Click here for Bite The Buffalo main website.

And here for Bite The Buffalo on Facebook.


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