Bring back Neil Young’s “Time Fades Away”

Timefadesawaybanner2a_2 Just recieved an e-mail from my friend Thrasher over at the excellent Thrasher’s Wheat: A Neil Young Archives who wanted me to spread the word about the news of a petition that has been started to get the long deleted 1973 Neil Young classic “Time Fades Away” released legally on CD. More details can be found at with the actual petition located at I find it amazing in this day and age when every half-assed garage band from 1966 gets their demos, live “studio banter” and burps and farts released on deluxe CD with a sixty page booklet of liner notes that an album like this is still relegated to bootleg territory. Ridiculous.


  1. (From the aforementioned petition)

    “An intense, fascinating recording, ‘Time Fades Away’ is an integral part of the Neil Young canon, illustrating in a searingly emotive fashion just where Young was at artistically in 1973. If any album from the rock archives needs to be released, it’s this one.”

    ‘Music History’ Site

  2. Neil Young’s Time Fades Away is a pivotal record that is the perfect companion to Tonight’s the Night. In many ways, this is probably one of the important live records of the seventies, displaying Young’s departure from the packaged singer song writer Young of Harvest and After the Gold Rush. It should be released, it being one of the more important recordings of Neil Young. When I think of Neil Young, I think of The Loner, Southern Man, Cowgirl in the Sand, Cinnamon Girl, When You Dance, Words, Alabama, Ohio, and the LA and the Bridge off of the Time Fades Away Record. How can they continue not to release it.

  3. It’s simply one of the best and most inspiring albums of not only Neil’s career, but in the history of music. Beautiful, hazardous, slightly confusing, and altogether unable to contain all of the darkened love, conflict, letdown and idealism that was in the soul of this great artistic genius at this ime in his life. Why it is not out, along with a 30th anniversary boxset with outtakes to boot, is a travesty.

  4. With the help of a musician uncle, we were able to record the album Time Fades Away to cd. It was a successful experiment, though entire album was recorded as one track. If anyone would like to trade Neil stuff for a copy of this excellent album (I’ve been listening to it repeatedly since the late 70s), please email me. Every single song is better than the last-what a wonderful piece of art.

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