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Bronze Radio Return – Self-titled EP (26 Mile Records)

The debut EP by singer/songwriter/guitarist Chreis Henderson’s band shows much promise for his burgeoning jam band. Sounding vocally and instrumentally like the Dave Matthews Band, Bronze Radio Return shows a polish most new bands can’t muster. The band seems as if this is it’s fourth album judging by their sound. Color me very impressed!

Though it’s not a genre I listen to a lot, I can see myself listening to and enjoying a full-length album or conert by this band should the band decide to keep moving forward. This is very radio-ready stuff and I can see a bigger label snapping up this band in a second as their sound is both very organic yet very accessible. I predict great success for this band and I wish there were more than five songs on this EP as I am interesting in hearing more from Bronze Radio Return and hope they take their name to heart and return with a new full-length sooner rather than later.

Scott Homewood