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Canada a haven for legal music downloaders

I am trying to stay out of the whole file swapping debate as I have made my point before and it will take a while before everything shakes out but be that as it may the major record labels here in Canada were shocked to find out that the Canadian Federal Court has ruled that file swapping is legal in Canada. Justice Konrad von Finckenstein stated “I cannot see a real difference between a library that places a photocopy machine in a room full of copyrighted material and a computer user that places a personal copy on a shared directory linked to a P2P service.” There you have it. The major label reps said that they would of course appeal this ruling.
UPDATE: The Canadian government has vowed to update the Copyright Act to close this loophole. The wild digital frontier will be closing soon. If only they would act this fast when it comes to the issues of child poverty and health care!