Captivating + Fascinating + Inspiring = Meet Montreal’s Sean Nicholas Savage

“Captivating,” “fascinating” and “inspiring” are the words that come to my mind when I listen to the music of Sean Nicholas Savage; his songs are catchy and can make you feel good in an instant. It was at Le Divan Orange in Montreal that I discovered him, as his performance really stood out because of his enthusiasm; he confidently danced the night away, even dry humping the stage from time to time.  He was living in the moment and for himself – and that was beautiful to watch!  

Sean is a charismatic artist that is not afraid to push beyond his comfort zone. This ability reminds me of the famous picture that Annie Leibovitz took of a naked John Lennon wrapped around a fully clothed Yoko Ono; I see a resemblance between the two as they both intimately connect us.

Sean’s sound is a very happy one that certainly has a 1970s beat. He also has some pretty interesting videos on YouTube and I’ve slightly become addicted to the one for “Someone Got a Secret.” So, if you’re looking for an artist whose sound will instantly put a smile on your face, I highly recommend Sean Nicholas Savage.

Q) Sean, what pushes you to do music?

A) My whole life is about music; I’ve been a performer for a long time now. I am confident about what I do and my music makes me feel pretty good. I like singing every day and I always dance after a few drinks.

Q) Love seems to be a recurring subject within your songs, can you explain why?

A) My songs are not so much about love, but rather about social commentary on love and relationships. They are about the feelings that love can bring. For instance: anger, sadness, happiness etc.

Q) Do you have a preferance between the rhythm of the music and the lyrics?

A) It depends on whichever one is the strongest. Sometimes the lyrics will be so deep that they will create the song and there won’t be too much musical rhythm needed, and sometimes it’s the opposite.

Q) What makes you smile?

A) I watch the sunset every day on my rooftop, which is also a very good source of inspiration for my music and poems.

Q) How do you get into your comfortable zone?

A) I am not always too comfortable when performing – it depends on what kind of day I’ve had. If I have been having a creative week, then I feel like I have a lot to give and I am into it. Before a show, I always remember just how much I like my songs, and once I get on stage they make me happy because they remind of my life as they are a big part of me.

Q) What are you currently working on?

A) I am working on a ten-track that should be ready by next year. Each of the songs brings a message that is instantly helpful and inspirational.

Q) What is the one word that best describes your music?

A) Fascinating.

Q) What music do you listen to for inspiration?

A) Marvin Gaye, Joni Mitchell, John Lennon.

***For all the Montrealers out there, Sean will be playing Il Motore on July 26th and Le Cagibi on the 27th.

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