Rock and Roll Reads

Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world!

I have always been fascinated by surfing culture. Being from Canada, the idea of hanging out on a tropical beach, surfing all day and listening to rock and roll at some beach-side bar wearing funky surfing clothes held a certain inspiration and directly inspired me to get involved in the closest thing a cold Canadian hundreds of miles from the ocean could do, I got into skateboarding. As cool as that was, it was never quite as cool or exotic despite the fact that I would blare surf music from a portable cassette player while riding my homemade ramp made out of used plywood and painted to resemble a giant wave. Well if you were ever searching for a good source of surf rock to dream to look no further than Surf Rock, an excellent site for all things surf. There is some really excellent rock and roll out there amongst the wave riding set and Surf Rock is a great place to start. And believe it or not, there is a companion site called Surfer Joe that deals with surf music in Italy! Too cool. Grab your boards and check them both out. Guaranteed that there is something you will find that you’ll like.