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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #58- Crawl Back In

hotchick-apple-computer 300Welcome to Rock and Roll Report Podcast #58, part of the Rock and Roll Report’s regular mission to seek out and promote amazing rock and roll from all over the globe and yep!, all these bands are either unsigned or on small indie record labels. But does that truly make any difference to the quality of the music? Not in the least as I think you will testify if you have ever listened to an episode of the podcast before.

This week’s episode really runs the gamut of rock and roll styles, from the U2-tinged sound of the latest by Exile Parade to the raw rock and roll of The Pinx to the retro sound of The Cardinals on to the powerful heavy rock of Oscape, we have all the bases covered.

If you would like to get in touch with me or anybody at The Rock and Roll Report just email us at or drop a listener comment on the listener comment line at 206-350-4333. If you are a musician or own a record label you can submit music to

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Here is what I played this week. As usual you can click on the band’s name to get to their official site or MySpace page and you can click on the iTunes link to buy their track, something I highly recommend if you want to support the band in question.

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. Son of God by Exile Parade
  3. Astronauts by The Book of Law The Book of Law - The Book of Law - Astronauts
  4. Impatience by The Pinx The Pinx - Look What You Made Me Do - Impatience
  5. Crawl Back In by Dead By Sunrise Dead By Sunrise - Crawl Back In - Single - Crawl Back In
  6. Sweet Misery by Mickael Maddison Mickael Maddison - In Loving Misery... - Sweet Misery
  7. Abandon Man by The Cardinals
  8. Wish You Had by The Freddie Long Band The Freddie Long Band - Strangers and Friends - Wish You Had
  9. Cover Girl by Lead Pipe Cinch
  10. Seeing Red by Soul Destroyer Soul Destroyer - No Lip, Vol. 2 - Seeing Red
  11. Doing Business by Oscape Oscape - The Growing Ground - Doing Business
  12. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured on Fridays

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Thanks so much for listening. See you next week!

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The Rock and Roll Report Band of The Week is Top Johnny

top johnny 300TOP JOHNNY! is redefining New Classic Rock & Melodic Hard Rock with it’s signature sound and high-energy live performances. Their music fuses diverse genres such as Pop, Metal, Rap and Alt Rock combining them to create intense songs with catchy hooks, huge guitar riffs, pile-driving Rock beats and anthemic, sing-along choruses. The result? An electrifying combination that really “gives the people what they want”. Even Canadian Rock Diva, Alannah Myles described their music as “Fantastic, rocking, fun, powerfully sung and produced! Great work!!”

The band released “Kick It!”, their debut 7 song EP in November 2005 (mastered by Bryan Martin) and a full-length, hard-driving, self-titled album “Top Johnny!” in December 2008 (mixed & mastered by Glen Robinson).

TOP JOHNNY! is constantly striving to give their audiences more than they expect with a slick, refined image, charismatic stage presence and a dynamic live show that succeeds in exciting even the most discriminating Rock fan! The band’s primary objective is to stimulate and engage their audiences with unique, high quality original songs. The band is also ready for any performance scenario boasting a large repertoire of hit cover songs spanning over 30 years of new, modern, classic and alternative rock. But first and foremost, TOP JOHNNY! wants to be defined by their live shows. A TOP JOHNNY! concert is not to be missed, epitomizing pure energy and spontaneity with TJ Star regularly venturing out into the crowd to play his wailing guitar solos, getting up close and personal with his fans. Band members are all accomplished musicians often switching instruments in mid show to surprise their audiences.

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The Rock and Roll Report Band of the week”Shotgun Revolution”

SHOTGUNREVOLUTION webNew Danish rock band Shotgun Revolution is ready to break the sound barrier with a sensational sound.

According to American Grammy Winner and producer of some of Metallica’s greatest work – Flemming Rasmussen – “Shotgun Revolution is the best band to come out of Denmark for a very, very long time”.

Shotgun Revolution is like a musical bonfire with a sensational sound inspired by classic rock bands like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC & Guns ’N Roses. Put together by lead guitarist, writer and producer Martin Frank whose vision was to create a band able to raise the bar musically worldwide. Lead singer Ditlev is another important brick in the puzzle and he offers a distinct vocal delivered perfectly.

The band is currently writing and producing their debut album together with Flemming Rasmussen and it is set for release first half of 2009 (TBA). So far 5 songs has been finalized and mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound – NYC. George credits incl. the latest AC/DC album ”Black Ice.”

Shotgun Revolution is performing live in Denmark and will be touring extensively through out Europe and the world during 2010 (dates TBA).

Today I would like thank the rocking band “Shotgun Revolution” for taking some time out to do this for us their fans  Welcome guys and before we start I just wanted to say You really do RAWK!!!! Wicked tunz’s guys!

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The Rock and Roll Report Band Of The Week is Bone Dry System

bone dry 300Bone Dry System have established themselves as one of Boston’s must hear/see bands. Drawing inspiration from various musical styles, Bone Dry System has never fit neatly into one particular musical category. Combining pure power with a blend of both aggressive & subtle melody are key factors within the foundation of Bone Dry System’s songwriting. With the release of their new EP Bardo (featuring the single “Take Her Home”) combined with an aggressive touring schedule, Bone Dry System has their work cut out for them for 2009. The band has matured but the members have managed to stay true to themselves. They’ve never tried to follow trends or sound like anyone else besides Bone Dry System…listen for yourself.

Today I would like thank The Rocking band “Bone Dry System” for taking some time out to do this for us their Fans …

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Intense Nick Presents i AM BODHi

BODHi Cage 300i AM BODHi comprise of Stos Goneos on guitar and lead vocals, while his younger brother Dimitri plays the drums and provides the backing vocals. Lucas James is the bassist. They have been playing as i AM BODHi since December 2008 although they had been together under a different name for a while before that. They are all self taught with a wide range of influences, Stos and Dimitri were brought up in Central Africa (schooled in South Africa) Lucas was born and bred in Wiltshire, they met when Stos and Dimitri returned to the UK to finish their schooling and settle. Stos and Lucas formed a band first before being joined by Dimitri two drummers later. They have played well over 50 gigs mostly in the Southwest but some further afield eg: Manchester and Leicester. They have had a healthy amount of radio airplay – including GWR FM Uploaded, BBC Bristol Introducing and BBC WIltshire Introducing, as well as a couple of live interviews on Swindon 105.5 fm and several other community radio stations (even up in Scotland). Late last year they were offered the opportunity to do a recording at The Animal Farm in London where the three tracks currently on their My Space page were produced. They are great tunes, ‘Ebon Flow’. ‘Miles and Motion’ and ‘The Link’

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The Rock and Roll Report Band Of The Week is Taddy Porter

taddyTaddy Porter is Andy Brewer, Doug Jones, Kevin Jones and Joe Selby. Four young men, southern by birth, with a habit of rocking outright. The brothers Jones command a rhythmic Abrahams, devastating all in its path, steady on its brooding course, leaving a wrecked wake where the war was waged. All the while, Brewer and Selby man the cannons hurling shell after screeching shell of audio assault. Brewer howls familiar with all the pains and medals that lie typically in the tones of men with triple his years. His words describe scenes you’ve known before in ways which still ring fresh. Selby invades every earhole in the room with a brute force and welcomed trauma that stays with a crowd well after he’s done with them. This is Taddy Porter. Bred out of Stillwater, holding you at gunpoint and commanding that you shake your ass.
Today I would like thank the Rocking band “Taddy Porter” for taking some time out to do this for us their Fans :o)Welcome guys and before we start I just wanted to say You really do RAWK!!!! Wicked tunz’s guys :o)

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Live Gig Review and Photo Essay: Tractor, Alabaster Suns, Big Naturals, Taint & Kylesa live at the Croft in Bristol UK

A short while ago I visited The Croft in Bristol, UK and saw three bands play. They were Tractor, Alabaster Suns and Taint. The Croft is a great little venue that has a bandroom for gigs that is about 50 x 30 in feet & inches, jut right for a real ’live’ atmosphere. Check the Croft out at


Tractor were first on stage, a band from Bristol who kick out a their own style of noise Rock. They played a fairly short but kick-ass set. All three acts had to clear the band room fairly early, but all three bands made for this with the content of the sets.

Alabaster Suns from London played next and thrashed out an excellent set of their brand of concrete/industrial Rock. Again a short set but mind blowingly magnificent. They have a debut CD named ‘Alabaster Suns’ which has received glowing reviews from Kerrang, who gave it a rating of 4/5 and from Rocksound who awarded it 7/10. Their sound is brutally heavy oozing with deep bass lines, frantically rampant drum rolls and rhythms that make their style roll all over the place with riotously raunchy guitar chords, riffs and licks completing the package perfectly with the such strong vocals to make the sound heavy as you like. Check them Out at or their main site http//

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The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Heaven’s Basement

(We continue our look back this summer at some past Bands of the Week. This week we feature Heaven’s Basement who were originally featured the week of February 9, 2009)

Born from the five corners of the UK with a sole ambition between them; to reach the summit of their potential and to be regarded alongside the bands that inspired them.

Heaven’s Basement are about evolution, growth and reaching new heights. Defiance, risk taking, and self-challenge are their hallmarks.

“Heaven’s Basement is dirty. It’s filthy. It’s sleazy. It’s gutter-rock by way of traditional heavy metal, and it’s straight-up awesome. From the minute the five-piece steps on stage you get the impression that this is the band of the night and do they ever prove it. Shirtless and coifed to the sky the band gets down and dirty and receives a boisterous reception for its troubles. Wearing its influences on bare arms (there’s a touch of Sabbath, a smidgen of the Crüe and more than a healthy portion of Axl Rose) iIt’s all snarling lyrics, melting solos and pure attitude

“We’re all about big, energetic, statements of intent”, says frontman Richie. “We’re the band that will make you fall in love with Rock n’ Roll all over again”.

I wanted to know more about these guys so I fired them off a few questions which they graciously took the time to answer:

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The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Drink Up Buttercup

Drink Up ButtercupIn the ferocious manner that indie music floods our senses lately, the good stuff can easily get drowned out by the rest.  Sometimes it just takes a little bit of luck to come across those hidden gems.  I had the pleasure of not only seeing the Philly-based band “Drink Up Buttercup” play twice recently, but I also got to ask them a few questions about the trials and tribulations (and of course the joys) of being a musician these days.

As I approached the boys whom where strewn across a 5 x 5 NYC sidewalk I was greeted with a crooked smile and a plume of cigarette smoke.  After the introductions (as I tried to get straight which boy was whom) we decided to walk to a nearby park (since it was a beautiful day, and New York had not seen sunshine in over 20 days) and sit by their van to conduct the interview.  I’m glad I was able to speak to these guys because some of the questions I asked developed into some very interesting conversations.

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The Rock and Roll Report Band of The Week is Blacklist Union

(This week we continue you our look back at some past Bands of the Week with Blacklist Union from November 2008)

This week’s Band of the Week is Hollywood, California’s Blacklist Union. I had a brief chat with vocalist Tony West and drummer Sean Davidson about the band, their motivation and living in Hollywood.