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CD Review: 13th Hour – “Thirteen”

As far as emotional rock music goes I have to admit that I have not been one to rate this genre in the past. But I truly believe everyone should be open-minded when it comes to music with the many different styles and trends out there in the industry. Many bands have influences; others will make music purely to be a part of a scene. What I tend to look for are the bands who do it with passion because they enjoy doing it.

From listening to Nottingham based alternative rock band ‘13th Hours’ debut album ‘13’, I can certainly hear the passion within this music. They have been playing together for over four years and they certainly show maturity in their technical ability to play instruments and write a good song for their genre.

The vocals whine and the notes last long, but front man David Little can clearly hold a good note. His vocals run up and hit you right from the first track ‘Hear the Sirens’. A cleverly written track, that has the ability to stick in your mind. If you are not one to enjoy vocals that ‘stretch and whine’ then this album is not for you. But there is no denial in how talented this band are with added guitar solo’s in every track, its well produced by themselves and bass player Tim Price gives equally as strong backing vocals.

Track number two on the album ‘Lights go out’ is the commercial one of the bunch and I can really hear this song being played on the radio. It’s cunning and fits.

Listening through the rest of the album provides similar sounding songs, but its when I get to track 5 titled ‘Colours of the sun’ I can really hear something different and full of potential. It differs somewhat from the emotional rock you hear on the rest of the album, the vocals get down and dirty, guitars go classic rock similar to what you would hear from a Metallica album. It puzzles me to hear this song on the album, it doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of it, but a great song all the same and my favourite of the album.

‘Now and forever’ is a slower melodic song that is once again lyrically beautiful and really kicks in on the chorus.

‘13th Hour’s debut album is impressive stuff; they work well as musicians and write very intelligent music. I give this a 7/10

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