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CD Review: A Coastline Ending – In The Name Of Progression (Not Alone Records)

The six-piece band known as A Coastline Ending are purveyors of some of the catchiest pop music I have heard this year. Energetic and vital, this album’s songs are excellent, but the vocals are what set the band apart from other young bands doing the same sort of style.

With new vocalist Aaron Meadows providing some excellent soaring vocals, the band has seemingly rose to the next level. Of course, they would have to if they want to keep up with Meadows’ voice. It seems as if the addition of Meadows has enabled the band to plug in the piece of the puzzle they needed to move forward and make their mark. Though a decent band before, Meadows makes them a contender and while this album is good, it is going to be exciting to watch the band and to see what happens from here. As Meadows gets more settled in and the band gets tighter, there could just be some incredible music on the horizon for this young band. And, if I’ve said too much about Meadows, let me state the other five members of the band more than hold up their end of the deal.

This album is good pop rock from start to finish and I am eagerly awaiting their next salvo. But, in the meantime, I’ll be playing the hell out of this CD until then.

3.5 on the Scott-O-Meter


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