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CD Review: Adrian Whitehead – One Small Stepping Man (Pop Boomerang Records)

Embracing the sound of the ’60’s is almost de riguer these days, what with artists such as Amy Winehouse and Duffy scoring huge hits with their ’60’s girl group sounds. But it’s not just women who are seeking to emulate the sounds of the ’60’s. Male artists such as James Hunter, The White Stripes, Black Keys and many other bands are striving to recapture the glory days of rock and roll by using vintage equipment and seeking to slavishly copy the sounds of their heroes. While revivalism can sometimes lead to nothing more than a dead end, sometimes it’s the means to an end in itself, sparking new creativity as often when someone goes back to square one they find the spark that energizes them into new discoveries.

Adrian Whitehead has decided to follow a similar path, but not the same one. Revving up his DeLorean to 88 miles per hour, Whitehead travels back in time to the mid ’60’s, when pop music wasn’t afraid to have catchy melodies and arrangements which were well-orchestrated and lush. Produced by Jak Housden, who knows his ’60’s rock, Whitehead has come up with an album as gorgeous as any 5th Dimension, sunshine-pop fest. Brilliantly written songs and perfectly catchy summer melodies fill the air wherever this is played and I am as giddy as a schoolgirl whenever I hear it. Great, great stuff for summer. Or anytime.


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