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CD Review: Alert the Medic “We, the Weapon”

Alert the Medic has been perking up the ears of fans and critics alike in Canada’s East Coast. They’ve made some major career strides so far, having toured alongside Ill Scarlett and shared stages with Our Lady Peace, Arkells, Hollerado and more. They received four nominations at the Nova Scotia Music Awards and in early 2011 it was announced that they were nominated for the much coveted “Fan’s Choice Entertainer of the Year” award at the East Coast Music Awards.

“We, the Weapon” is the band’s sophomore effort and was released last year, following their self-titled debut album from 2006. The band has gained a reputation for writing driving rock anthems and performing them passionately during their energetic live shows.“We, the Weapon” greets us with a static guitar riff played over a thundering drumbeat – a most inviting sound to pop rockers. As “Atlas” builds to a rousing chorus, it becomes evident that the band is deserving of the hype accumulating around them. But “Atlas” isn’t your ordinary anthem – it contains smart lyrics and effective harmonies that take it to a whole new level. “Cause for Alarm” maintains the energy level and keeps your attention with a sharp hook. “Let’s Hear it for the Symphony” is a hard-hitting arena-ready rocker inviting the youth of the world to stand up and be counted.

The band takes a detour into darker territory with the creeping piano ballad “The Weatherman (pt 2),” breaking up the flow of up-tempo tunes and allowing a fuller appreciation of the vocal talent of Ryan MacDonald. “Aid the Getaway” brings us back to familiar fast-paced rocker turf, and it goes down well. A ’70s classic rock vibe permeates “Hey Kid to the Back of the Line,” which also features a pounding shout out chorus. The remaining tunes are solid as well, but the “na na”s in “Cross Your Fingers” will stick in your head the most.

Alert the Medic is not only poised to take Canada by storm, but should also raise plenty of eyebrows among music fans around the world. As they sing on “Atlas,” they are off to see the world. Make sure Alert the Medic makes a house call to cure what is ailing you.

Recommended for fans of Gaslight Anthem, Neon Trees and Kings of Leon.

iPod-worthy tracks: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10

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