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CD Review: Baby Dynamite S/T

Baby Dynamite is a four-piece Rock and Roll band that has roots in both Connecticut and New York City. The band consists of: Christine Tambakis on vocals, Randy Funke on guitar, Benj LeFevre on bass and Gary Collins on drums. This quartet has found its sound by combining elements of Rock and Roll, Soul and Blues to create a band that truly lives up to the Rock and Roll style that was such a bit part of the seventies. Imagine Jefferson Airplane or Fleetwood Mac with a lot more Blues influence to their style. With their classic Rock and Roll style, the band is currently celebrating the release of their new self-titled release.

The self-titled release from Baby Dynamite begins with the track “Take Me Down”. For the first track of the band’s album, Baby Dynamite creates a track that combines the Rock and Roll and Blues genres to form a song that borrows largely from the Blues with a strong Rock and Roll backing to the music. Along with the band’s musical direction, the lyrics and Christine Tambakis’ delivery give the song a strong Bluesy sound. Baby Dynamite begins their new release with a song that shows off the band’s ability to jam.

With the track “It’s All Good,” Baby Dynamite adds a little more Blues inspiration to their music. The higher degree of Blues feeling in the track gives “It’s All Good” a strong groove that lasts for the entire length of the track. The guitars from Randy Funke, bass from Benj LeFevre and drums from Gary Collins all combine to create a strong backing track for the vocals from Christine Tambakis that add a definite note of beauty to the song. The guitar solo from Randy Funke that comes late in the track adds a lot of power to the track.

Baby Dynamite changes the direction of their self-titled release in a big way with the track “Jenny”. While the first two tracks have a strong Blues-inspired feel to them, “Jenny” has much more of a pop-rock feel. The track features a light, bouncy feel to the music and while the first tracks have a fully electrified sound, “Jenny” finds the quartet creating a track with a Folk-Rock feel to the music. The acoustic guitar and piano replace the electric guitars that helped form the music of the previous tracks. “Jenny” gives the listener another take on the sound from Baby Dynamite before the band returns to the stronger electrified sound.

The electrified feel of the music of Baby Dynamite returns with the track “Sanctify”. With the track, the band creates a Classic Rock song that once again uses a lot of the band’s Blues influence to shape the sound while adding some Soul influence to the music. Like earlier tracks, “Sanctify” finds the band making a strong groove that lasts throughout the nearly five-minute playtime of the track. The band feels very tight on this track as the song feels more like a jam session than any of the earlier songs. “Sanctify” is easily one of the strongest songs on the self-titled release from the band. With the current political mood of the United States changing, many bands and artists are standing up and making their voices heard.

With the track “Devolution,” Christine Tambakis and the rest of Baby Dynamite make their voices heard with a track about the rising anti-tolerance movement happening right now. Like much of Baby Dynamite’s music, “Devolution” features a Bluesy approach to the music to go along with the politically-charged lyrics of the song. Along with the powerful music that comes with the music, the lyrics of the track are delivered by singer Christine Tambakis with plenty of vigor. You can feel her disgust as she sings.

After such a strong and politically-charged track, Baby Dynamite changes the tempo of the music once again with the track “Stay”. A much slower track, “Stay” takes the band’s music in a direction reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac. In fact, the track sounds as if it would have come from the early days of that band when guitarist Peter Green was a major part of the group’s sound before they went in a different direction.  The electric guitar on this track feels very much like Green’s style of playing. With “Stay,” Baby Dynamite shows the listener that their music has a wide array of sounds.

Much like the earlier track of “Jenny,” the band changes their musical delivery in a big way on the song “Fallen Angel”. The track feels like an acoustic track that would have been found on a Melissa Ethridge album. In fact, on the track, the vocals from Christine Tambakis are very similar to Ethridge’s. “Fallen Angel” is a track with a much different feel and sound than the rest of the release. However, this just shows off the versatility of the musicians in Baby Dynamite.

To finish off their release, the band creates the track “Scream”. With this track, the song feels as if the band created it live in the studio. Because of that feel, the band ends up being very tight and the songs ends up being one of the strongest tracks on the entire. And with the band being as tight as they are, they give Christine Tambakis a strong backing track to sing on top of. With this track, Tambakis delivers her lyrics in a style that will remind the listener of the way Janis Joplin used to sound. “Scream” is a very strong track and great way to bring the self-titled album from Baby Dynamite to a close.

The 2016 self-titled release from Baby Dynamite finds the four-piece band creating an album that contains many different musical approaches to the nine tracks that make up the release. The continual changing of musical elements helps give the album a lot of depth. This makes for one solid album that will satisfy lovers of old Rock and Roll as well as newer styles.

To hear the music from Baby Dynamite, check out the band’s live video for the song “It’s All Good“.

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