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CD Review: BEAU + LUCI Live: from Aggie Theater

Sisters and singer-songwriters BEAU + LUCI are a musical duo who grew up in the Okefenokee Swamplands of Southern Georgia. Having been born in that area, the two were influenced by nearly any and every different kind of music as it surrounded them. Because of that, their music has a definite multi-faceted feel to it as people will no doubt be able to feel many different musical influences running through their songs.

Having already released one EP entitled Fire Dancer, the girls return with yet another quick release. This time, however, they have decided to put out a live release.  Together with musicians Nick Magliochetti (electric guitar), Brandon Witcher (bass), Thomas Wainwright (keys, organ) and TJ Nickerson (drums) (collectively knowns as The Howling Tongues), Beau + Luci took to the stage at Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins, Colorado to record the EP entitled Beau + Luci Live: from Aggie Theater. It is the band’s sound that helps to bring the material from BEAU + LUCI to life.

BEAU + LUCI Live: from Aggie Theater begins with the track “Rattle the Bones”. The track begins with a strong drumbeat. That drumbeat is then joined by loud guitars as the track instantly takes on a Southern Rock feel. And like much of the music that makes up that style, the track comes with a strong feel to the music. Together, in harmony, BEAU + LUCI provide the vocals to the track. The doubled vocals add a bit of strength to the sisters’ voices as the sing. The track’s lyrics about turning over in one’s grave seem to be easily influenced by the Native American culture that can be found in the area where the sisters grew up.

The EP continues with the track “Deeper Well”. Like “Rattle the Bones” before it, the track begins with a rather strong drumbeat that is just as contagious as it driving. You can feel yourself needing to tap your foot to that beat. That drumbeat sets the pace for the song. That strong drumbeat is soon joined up by the sound of and electric guitar that helps to start to create the feel of the track. What starts to emerge is a track that, when fully formed, is a song that mixes a Classic Rock base with more than just a touch of Southern Rock feel. Once the music is fully formed the resulting track is a song with feels like a mix between The White Stripes and Nugent. Add in the vocals and the song contains a musical approach that feels readymade for radio.

With the next track, BEAU + LUCI slow things down. While the track “Muddy Water” contains a slower pace than the previous two songs on the release, the intensity of the energy in the song has not been lost. With this song, the duo appears to follow in the footsteps of the band Creedence Clearwater Revival. While the two musical ensembles have different styles of music, both outfits wrote rather similar tunes. “Muddy Water” from BEAU + LUCI and “Proud Mary” from CCR both contain lyrics that deal with being on a river and watching it flow. In fact, the subject matter in both cases seems as if they tell two different chapters to the same story. As this is a live release, the previous tracks on the EP were recorded in such a manner that you never hear the audience that had been in attendance when the concert was recorded. This track contains the interaction between the band and the audience showing that this was, in fact, recorded live.

As BEAU + LUCI and the band changed things up with the previous track of “Muddy Water,” they change it up once more with the next track called “Black Boots”. While the previous tracks all contain a South Rock influence, this track comes complete with an influence from the band Heart as the track seems to musically reference that band’s style. More specifically, the track has a hefty amount of Rock and Roll in its sound that feels a lot like Heart’s track “Barracuda” or another song from the band. The definite Heart influence makes the track one of the strongest moments on the BEAU + LUCI Live: from Aggie Theater release.

As if the BEAU + LUCI Live: from Aggie Theater release didn’t come with enough of a Classic Rock feel to the music, the track “Like a Drum” makes it even more obvious. The track begins with a slower pace to the music than most of the tracks on the EP. But no matter the tempo, the intensity of the music is not lost. The middle of the track features a guitar solo that brings the beginning riff from the Jimi Hendrix Experience song “Voodoo Child” to life. For those who recognize the riff, it’s a great moment in the 2018 album from the duo.

The new EP from BEAU + LUCI comes to a close with the track “50 Feet”. After five track of very hot and smoking Rock and Roll, it would have been a letdown if the final track of the EP was not as solid as the rest of the album. However, BEAU + LUCI deliver a track with plenty of energy to close out their new EP. While the previous track contained some influence from Heart, “50 Feet” feels as if that band had just delivered a new song.

BEAU + LUCI Live: from Aggie Theater is one of the strongest live albums I have heard. There’s plenty of energy throughout the release, the playing is great. This would have been a great concert to have been in attendance for. But for those who were not there when the EP was recorded, the end result is a release that starts off hot and never fades.  

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