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CD Review: Ben Caplan and the Casual Smoker “In the Time of Great Remembering”

Hailing from the East Coast, Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers is a soulful and engaging band that has a very exciting album, In the Time of Great Remembering. coming out on October 18th. 

The 10 tracks on the album are all introspective ballads that depict different intriguing stories. Ben’s unique and powerful voice is extremely engaging and has often been compared to that of Tom Waits.

Throughout the record, many instruments are brilliantly used to accompany Ben’s distinctive voice. The instruments – which vary from bass, violin, cello, flute and sax – are often played all together to harmonize the soulful melodies. In the Time of Great Remembering is an interesting compilation of different musical genres, from traditional folk to soul and jazz. This album is filled with diverse melodies and it sure has what it takes to please everyone’s tastes.

My favorite tracks off the new record are “Southbound” and “Beautiful,” as those two smooth ballads confirm to me that this bohemian artist has what it takes to achieve great success.

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