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CD Review: Big Elf – Cheat The Gallows (Custard Records)

As just about any music fans can tell you, there’s a ton of bands who have been influenced by The Beatles. And, as any metal fan can tell you, there are a ton of bands influenced by Black Sabbath. But I am here to tell you, there is probably only one band equally influenced by both bands and THAT band is Big Elf.

A metal band in looks and style, when the music starts its’ a hard rock story, but one with many different chapters and twists and turns aplenty. Listening to a Big Elf album will expose you to the aforementioned Black Sabbath, but then some Queen, Jellyfish, Bad Company and Beatles will show up in their songs, which are heavy but very, very melodic. Leader Damon Foxx’s vocals have every thing I like in a rock singer’s work: expressive vocals, power and much, much melodic range. Not too mention being able to understand every word he says, something sorely missing from most metal and hard rock bands today. He’s no Freddie Mercury, but Foxx is head and shoulders above most rock vocalists in his delivery, which is very solid. His biggest strength, however, is his songwriting. Very telling is the name of his publishing company, “Evil Beatle Music”, which just about sums up his band’s vision. Foxx is a master at writing very well-constructed, melodic songs dealing cleverly with many of the same topics handled ham-handedly by many of his peers. Death, wealth, sex are all touched upon, but in a way that sets his songs apart from most of the pure bludgeoning hard rock out there today.

If you love metal and hard rock but feel it is bland, dumbed down and missing something to make it special, I would check out Big Elf. I am not a big metal fan but they have the best elements of metal along with a solid songwriting base that’s hard to come by in any artist. Very good album.


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I really do love Bigelf. Cheat the gallows are great! It’s so much fun that they sound
just like my favorite bands, like ELO, The Move, The Beatles, Black Sabbath.
It’s a lovely mix of them all. Damon Fox, keep up the good work. I love you!

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