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CD Review: Black Market – Black Market (Indie)

Despite being named Black Market, the appellation hopefully will not conjure up thoughts of the band needing to be hidden from view. In fact, this wonderful band will hopefully emerge from the shadows and be as craved as the very addictive substances the name Black Market usually implies.

On this album, the group teams up with Matthew Ellard (who has worked with Elliot Smith and Weezer) and Sean Slade (who has worked with Radiohead and Hole) to come up with an exceptionally commercial sound sure to connect with fans of catchy melodies and energetic rock. Nothing great, nothing bad – this is an album that shows a baby band starting to find itself. While there is nothing exceptional here, this is also plenty to like. A toss-up. Buy it and make your own opinion.

3 stars on the Scott-O-Meter