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CD Review: Bowling For Soup “Fishin’ For Woos”

Although they formed as early as 1994, the novelty pop punk band Bowling For Soup didn’t strike it big until nearly a decade later with their commercial breakthrough A Hangover You Don’t Deserve. Driven by the smash single “1985”, Bowling For Soup made a big splash. The band has released a few more moderately successful records, and they’ve appeared on tons of soundtracks, but a follow up hit as big as “1985” has been elusive.

With their latest, Fishin’ For Woos, the band steps back up to bat as if “1985” just happened. With all the energy and tongue-in-cheek humor that fans love, Bowling For Soup’s 11th studio album is a winner. You may have already heard the first single, a signature party anthem called “S-S-S-Saturday,” which was incidentally used at the Professional Bowling Association’s Tournament of Champions. It’s clear that this band is not about making bold statements or providing intellectual fodder to contemplate – this is not why someone puts on a Bowling For Soup record. Fishin’ For Woos is a feel good record for the times you want to laugh, party, blow off work, or just hear some remarkably good ear candy. Although, there is some wisdom buried within their wit on tracks like “Let’s Pretend We’re Not In Love”. The guys also take legitimate stabs at power ballads with the sweeping “Turbulence” and “What About Us” (but fans don’t panic…they quickly follow this up with “Here’s Your Freakin’ Song”).

The record has no shortage of highlights if you’re aiming to fill a feel-good playlist. In addition to those tracks mentioned above, be sure to check out “This Ain’t My Day,” “Smiley Face (It’s All Good),” and the Toad The Wet Sprocket sounding “Guard My Heart”.

The band is indeed “Fishin’ For Woos,” but they’ve brought a tackle box full of melodic bait and sharp hooks. In my book, this one rivals A Hangover You Don’t Deserve and will hopefully generate a few more deserved hits for the band. Check them out if you like Simple Plan, American Hi-Fi, or SR-71.

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Listen to S-S-S-Saturday Night.