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CD Review: Brothers and Sisters S/T

Brothers and Sisters are an indie band based in Austin, Texas. The Beach boys, The Mamas and The Papas, with a bit of Buffalo Springfield, inspire their classic rock sound. Real life brother and sister, Will and Lily Courtney, head the seven-piece band.

As a child, Will Courtney was taken to a Beach Boys concert. From then on, he was hooked and chased his dreamed of being a musician. As an adult, Will moved to L.A. to launch his music career. Tired of the L.A. music scene, Will moved back to Texas and formed Brothers and Sisters with his sister and friends. The band consists of Brother Will, vocals and guitar; sister, Lily, autoharp, and vocals; friends, Ray Jackson, pedal steel Guitar; Greg McArther, drums; David Morgan, bass; and Daniel Wilcox on lead guitar.

This past week, I had the pleasure of listening to their self-titled album from 2006. The album is nice to listen to while on the road. One of the songs to stand out is “Without You.” This song reminds me of driving around my childhood hometown, seeing how things have changed. To me, this is a song about reminiscing of the things I missed in Texas. I listened to this song a few times. It was also featured in The OC.

The next track that really speaks to me is “Breathing Lessons.” This song I listened to alone in my room late at night. I could feel the sadness in this song. “Broken like a record, crooked like the cross,” is pretty much how I was during my trials and tribulations period. “Put up all the road blocks that we can.” “This morning I got up underneath my bed.” These very deep lyrics reminded me of pushing family “Breathing Lessons” is a great song that reminded me not to forget the dark times because I do not want to relive them again.

Switching gears to an upbeat song, “One Night”. The music video fits the track. It is reminiscent of going to the local skating rink as a little boy and watching all the teenagers having fun. I was so angry I couldn’t skate with them. Anyway, “One Night” is a nice reminder of how simple and magical life was once upon a time. I kind of wish I was a teenager in the late 70’s, but I would be 50 years old now. I don’t want to be that old yet. HA!

“Old Love Letters” is a song about a man fondly remembering a past love. There is nothing wrong with reminiscing once in a while, right?  I picture memories of the days I use to go out with a close personal friend of mine. Ah, those were the days. This song is very sentimental romantic about the past. I love it.

Those are my personal favorite tracks of this album.  The other eight tracks are equally awesome. I recommend you go and buy the album and listen to the rest. You will not regret it.