CD Review: Bryan Estepa – Sunday Best (Pop Boomerang Records)

Austrialian Bryan Estepa comes into his oiwn with his second solo CD, the excellent Sunday Best, on Pop Boomerang Records. A part of Sydney’s music scene for an extended period, Estepa has been in such popular indie bands Down Under as Swivel and Hazey Jane. During a brief spell between those bands, Estepa stuck his toes in the water as a solo artist long enough to record an EP under the name Adeline in 2003. He fully embraced a solo career in 2006 when he released his first full-length CD, All The Bells and Whistles, which was filled to the brim with catchy pop containing smidges of Loved by the critics, the album was a great first step for Estepa to test his solo skills and try to find his footing.

It’s no surprise this album is a stronger effort, with Estepa seeming much more confident and the songs more fully realized than his previous solo work. Self-produced with assistance from Dan Nash, Sunday Best seems to be a culmination of everything Estepa has accomplished and learned so far. Full of breathtaking melodies and inventive arrangements, this pop wunderkind makes one wonder how long it will be before he’s the next big thing. Gorgeous stuff and perfect for those who love the glorious sounds of well done pop music.