CD Review: Cain’s Dynasty – Legacy of Blood (Melodica)

cains-dynastyYour typical speed metal here, not my favorite type of music but I can at least tell when it is played well.

The vocals are easily heard and understood, the drummer is doing the usual double-time thing and the guitarist shreds as if there is no tomorrow. There is a little prog-type sound here, due to the guitar sound and the vocals being understood without too much effort. Still not my favorite type of thing to which to listen, but something I wouldn’t have any qualms about recommending to a friend who likes prog or metal.

I can see Cain’s Dynasty succeeding in their realm as a metal band and they seem to have a professional sound, so that bodes well for them. I can’t really rate this as it is not my thing, but a decent album for the genre with certainly enough promise for a decent future for the band.