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CD Review: Christian Heath “One”

Many times in the world of music, when one band comes to an end, the various members of said band go their separate ways, either to create another band or to continue on their own. It was after the band that shared his name came to a close that singer-songwriter Christian Heath decided to go it alone. While the music from his now-defunct band was group with a rather heavy musical delivery, Heath decided to go in a different direction with his new solo music. With his new music, Heath took a more Pop-Rock approach to the music. That new musical direction can be found on the musician’s new EP called One

The first track of the new EP from Christian Heath is the song “I’m Yours”. The track has a strong Pop-rock feel to the music. In fact, the song brings to mind the sound of bands like U2 or Coldplay. The song features a gentle pace as well as rather melodic quality to the music to create a song that would be perfect for any Adult Contemporary music format. “I’m Yours” also seems to have an uplifting quality to the lyrics that would make the track perfect for more “family-friendly” radio formats.

One from Christian Heath continues with the EP’s first single which also happens to be the title track of the release. “One” takes the music in a different direction than the style that was included on “I’m Yours”. With “One,” Heath creates a track with a strong R&B delivery. Into that sound, Christian Heath incorporates a light EDM feel to the music. To bring that style to life, Heath is joined on the track by Producer INFIDELIX. The combination creates song that would easily fit on today’s Top 40 radio formats. The song’s lyrical content is as listener-friendly as the EP’s first track. Except with “One,” Heath takes the opportunity to promote the idea of human unity as the lyrics suggest that we are all one on the same planet.

Christian Heath’s One EP continues with the song “Tonight”. Just like with the first two tracks, Heath changes directions once again. The Hispanic feel of the track is combined with the lyrical stylings of singer Nixi. Together, the duo create a duet of sorts that brings to mind a song like “Nobody Wants to be Lonely” by Ricky Martin or “Mouth to Mouth” by Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez.

For the song “No Good For You,” the music takes on a more Rock and Roll feel as the track features a beat that is reminiscent of something from New Wave / Alternative band OMD. The synth-heavy track of “No Good For You” takes Christian Heath’s sound back to the mid-nineties. The track would have fit right in on the British band’s 1990 release called Sugar Tax. This track is probably the most commercial of the songs as it would easily have fit on Top 40 radio in the nineties, 2000’s, or even today.

With the next track, Christian Heath’s One EP slows down on the track “Paradise”. The song features lyrics about spending time with the one you love. For this song, Heath incorporates a strong piano base into the music of the track. The track was produced so that the piano stands out as the main instrument on the song. While the focus of the music is on Heath’s voice and the piano, the track also features guitars that help give the song depth. The easy pace of the track mixes well with the romantic feeling of the lyrics. Like the rest of the EP, “Paradise” has a sound that is very radio-friendly.

The One EP comes to an end with the track “Magic”. The track contains a Pop-Rock feel that brings to mind music from the eighties. The track would easily have fit on the radio on Pop-Rock during that time period. Just like the rest of the album, “Magic” contains a very listener-friendly feel and brings the EP to a close on a gentle, yet infectious sound.

While Christian Heath’s earlier music with the band that shared his name featured a sound that felt rather heavy, his new One EP features songs that never stay in one musical groove. The ever-changing feel of the music helps make a release that features six songs ready-made for radio airplay. Each track feels like a single on its own. And when combined together, those six tracks make for an EP that guarantees that you won’t be skipping any songs as the music plays out.  


Christian Heath’s One EP is currently available on Spotify. 

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