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CD Review: Crazy Lixx – “New Religion”

Crazy Lixx - New Religion

Formerly considered “The New Wave of Swedish Sleaze”, Crazy Lixx has now refined their sound to 80’s influenced hard rock. They remind me of the style and caliber of the second-tier hairbands like Faster Pussycat, Kix, or Danger Danger. In fact, Danny Rexon’s vocals often remind me of Ted Poley. One strong-suit is that the guys can definitely write a bombastic chorus, with rich harmonies that will draw comparisons to the majestic choruses of Def Leppard. As you might expect for such a band, lyrics are generally about rock music, warning fathers to lock up their daughters, and partying like you’re still 21. Their sophomore CD, “New Religion” comes out April 6.

As a whole, “New Religion” is a decent listen all the way through, but not quite enough to stand out in the crowd yet. However, their potential to do so is revealed in highlights such as the groovy tribute to their genre, “My Medicine”, their ‘live for the day’ anthem, “21 ‘Til I Die”, and the catchy “Blame It On Love”. Crazy Lixx drop the party atmosphere on occasion to show a more serious side, such as when they sing about the horrors of child abuse within the church in “Children of the Cross”. The requisite power ballad is “What Of Our Love”, which is pretty good, but not stellar.

iPOD-worthy: 2, 3, 4, 6, 9

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