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CD Review: Crooked Path by Star Anna

Singer-songwriter Star Anna Krogstie is a native of Ellensburg, Washington. It is in that suburb of Seattle that she became interested in music. During her teenage years, Star Anna took the time to learn to play guitar and started writing her own songs, all while she was still in high school.

The years since that time have helped Star Anna create her own voice and style as far as music is concerned. And people like Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Chris Isaak, The Indigo Girls, and a whole lot of alternative country have come together to influence Star Anna and her writing. You can also hear a lot of country and blues in her style, as well.

After she was happy with her writing style, Star Anna started looking for people who would be the perfect group to help her sound to life. Star Anna has put together a band that consists of Frank Johnson on bass, Justin Davis on guitar, and Travis Yost on drums. Together with Star Anna on vocals and guitar, the group is known as The Laughing Dogs.

After this group of musicians had spent some time together growing as a band learning Star Anna’s songs, they took some time performing live on stage. This time together helped make the songs just right, and when the songs were perfect, the band went into a Seattle recording studio.

In the studio, the band had some help in creating the perfect sound. Corey Dosch, Orville Johnson, Wayne Horvitz, Max Paul Schwennson, and Matt Nolan joined the band to help the album sound great.
The resulting album, Crooked Path (the English translation of Star Anna’s surname of Krogstie), is a solid album of music. And while most of the songs on the album do have a rock base to them, there are other genres of music contained within the songs.

With more than just rock in her style, Star Anna keeps Crooked Path from becoming stale. If Wishes Were Horses could easily be considered the hardest rocking track on the album, while Black Cat Blues would satisfy anyone who likes a little blues in their music. There is also funk and country present on the album. Whatever style of music gives you a smile, Crooked Path by Star Anna is sure to please.

Ellensburg, Washington native Star Anna Krogstie has created a very entertaining album with her new release, Crooked Path. There are several reasons for the album being as good as it is: The first reason for the album being that good comes from Frank Johnson, Justin Davis, and Travis Yost being her back up band of The Laughing Dogs. Another reason comes from the studio musicians that helped in the recording process. But the biggest reason for Crooked Path being so good comes from Star Anna herself. Because Star Anna is a very talented musician and songwriter, the talent shines through in the songs contained on the album.
If you like albums that contain many different forms of music, then Crooked Path by Star Anna is the album for you.

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Just a minor factual correction. Ellensburg is over a hundred miles and a mountain range away from Seattle so I don’t think it quite quallifies as a suburb. Other than that small item I totally agree with the review. 🙂

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