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CD Review: Crowsaw “Karma”

In early 2014 the wonderful Firebrand Rock Radio and its crew took me under their wing to work as a ‘rookie’ radio host. This is why I have had a slight hiatus from the rock and roll report. Firebrand Rock Radio has recently closed, leaving Firebrand Magazine to operate as usual and giving myself a little time to try and catch up here on the rock and roll report. I have got many reccomendations to bring to your attention along with the ever expanding contents of my inbox. In no particular order I need to tell you a little about Crowsaw from the UK.

Early in 2014 a band called Crowsaw released their brilliant debut album Smoke & Feathers. This release knocked me for six with its addictive heavy blues rock style, which these guys play with such passion. Crowsaw are Rob Lomax (guitar&vox), Mark Pullin (drum&vox) and Glyn Mason (bass&vox). In 2015 Crowsaw are back with a much heavier sound. A change in direction sees the band going more metal than blues as they forge a new direction. And it is a great sign of things to come. If, like myself, you have a soft spot for heavy rock/blues/metal and have an ear for exceptionally good music then you are sure to be seduced by Crowsaw.

Rob Lomax from the band stated “It is a New Year, new vibe, new beginnings. There is no point denying who you actually are, so we are embracing our new attitude towards what we do. Life without passion was never an option. We hope you all enjoy the Karma EP.”

Karma from the band Crowsaw is available for one English pound HERE.

To hear just a little bit of the band Crowsaw, check out their song “Believe” HERE.

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