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CD Review: Dan Hubbard and the Humadors “The Love Show”

Dan Hubbard spent time on his own as a singer-songwriter, during which he created several albums of music that combined rock with elements of blues, folk, blues and country. When he hooked up with three talented musicians to play concert dates, a strong musical unit was created, forming the group Dan Hubbard and the Humadors.

Recently, Dan Hubbard and the Humadors released their newest album. 2011’s The Love Show is a strong release that captures Hubbard’s blend of Americana music, and the band (consisting of Scott McRae on bass and electric guitar; Kyle Yap on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, piano and ½ whistle; and Kevin Yarger on drums) really help bring Hubbard’s musical vision to life.
The Love Show from Dan Hubbard and the Humadors begins as if you are in a rock club about to hear the band launch into their music in a concert setting. Over the din of the crowd, young Zoe Jayde gives the band a very energetic introduction.

Once introduced, Dan Hubbard and the Humadors launch into the music that make up their album, The Love Show. “Don’t Take Me Now,” the first track off the release, is a song that blends together rock with a little country flavor. The harmonica gives the song a slight Dylan-esque quality.

With the song “Stay Away,” the musical landscape changes drastically. While “Don’t Take Me Now” has a country flavor, the slightly slower-paced “Stay Away” from Dan Hubbard and the Humadors is a rock tune with a blues quality to the music. The short, three-minute track features Kyle Yap playing a very smoky-flavored guitar solo.

“Darkness on the Loose,” the third track on the album, finds Hubbard behind the piano. The song slows the pace of the album down even more while still maintaining a strong quality to the release. “Darkness on the Loose” contains a folk feeling to the music, changing the feel of the album once again.

Hubbard’s piano is featured more prominently on “This Is Your Life“. The song about living your life is a straight-out piano-based rock song.

Guitarist Kyle Yap is featured a little more on the folk-flavored track “We’ll Be Fine”. For this track that has a slower tempo than “This Is Your Life,” Yap sings the harmony parts to this song, giving “We’ll Be FIne” a little more depth to the track.

Hubbard’s harmonica returns on the track “Beautiful Bar“. The music created by Hubbard and the band is one of the few times on the album when you really get to hear the band perform some real regular rock and roll music that real fans of the genre will enjoy.

The most beautiful track of the album is also the most unusual. If it weren’t for the subject matter, the eighth song of the release would seem like a love ballard. However, the piano-based “Half Vampires” features lines like “I want to rip your heart out”. While the music is rather beautiful, lines like that might just turn a few people off. But Hubbard’s playing is still very nice, even with the subject matter of the lyrics.

Dan Hubbard and the Humadors change directions for the song “All I Want is You”. While most of the album is created with either Hubbard or Yap using electric guitars during the tracks, “All I Want Is You” has a folk-rock feel as the song features only acoustic guitars. The acoustic track is a welcome change, as it shows a different side to the band and its musicians.

To bring The Love Show to a strong close, Dan Hubbard and the Humadors finish the release off with “The Last Time You See Me”. The track is one of the strongest songs on the release, even if the message is a little depressing. But the band rocks it up for the final track and brings the curtain down on The Love Show.

The Love Show, the newest release from Dan Hubbard and the Humadors, is an entertaining release that blends rock, folk, blues and country together. The resulting combinations on the release help the band keep their album fresh.

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