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CD Review: Dead On TV “Creeper”

Dead on TV is a Rock and Roll band from Chicago. The band features Daniel Evans on Vox/Guitar, Vince McAley on Drums, Mike TeeVee on Bass and Synths and Corey Devlin on Guitar. Each of these musicians helps to give the band its sound that includes several different genres of Rock and Roll music. Along with the usual Rock sound, the band also includes some New Wave influences as well as a generous amount of Punk feel. The band created quite a stir when they released their first EP called Fuck You, I’m Famous back in 2012. Recently, the band returned with a six-song EP entitled Creeper.

Creeper from Dead on TV begins with the title track of the release. The track “Creeper” is a quick 90 second track that features lyrics about a person who definitely lives up to that label as he describes in slightly humorous detail the fact that he trails a certain someone around…and tells them so. The punk feel of the track will give lovers of the genre a lot to enjoy while the humor aspect gives the track even more likability…which really goes against a lot of the band’s history of not caring what happens.

The release continues with the track “Pour Your Heart Out”. The track brings the band’s music in a more commercial direction that would easily get the band much-deserved attention. The band takes the music of the track in a direction that will remind listeners of Pop Punk bands like Simple Plan or American Hi-Fi. Like the song of “Creeper” before it, the track contains a generous amount of humor that goes along with the slightly disturbing mental images of a person losing blood on the floor. The upbeat pace of the music makes up for the disturbing visuals.

One of the most tongue-in-cheek songs on the Creeper release is the track “Screwdriver”. While the first two tracks give the listener some indication of the taste of humor from the band, “Screwdriver” finds the band pushing the limits. The band did a great job creating a song full of sentences that come with two different meanings. The double entendre lyrics to the track add a lot of depth to the song as they are also one sexual innuendo after another. Passages like “Take care or I’ll strip your threads.  Twist till you’re swollen and red” leave very little to the imagination. The music to the song, along with the lyrics, brings to mind more risqué songs from the Glam Rock era of Rock and Roll.

With the next track of “Pornography,” the band changes musical directions as they bring in Mike TeeVee’s synthesizers. While “Screwdriver” features a little bit of Glam Rock feel, “Pornography” feels very much like it would have fit in very nicely with the New Wave movement back in the eighties. Like the title would suggest, “Pornography” is a track that allows the innuendos that began with the track before to continue. While the subject matter may not lend itself to many plays on the radio, the track has a strong enough groove that the listener may find themselves enjoying the track.

The track “Pale Shelter” is another track on the release that features a very commercial feeling to it. As a matter of fact, the song is probably the song that would be easiest to fit onto today’s radio dial. The song takes its style partially from New Wave, partially from Glam Rock and partially from other styles. The combination of all of the styles creates a sound that feels both retro and fresh at the same time. The lyrics to the song feel very suitable for playing and that could make “Pale Shelter” the track that could be released as a single.

Just as Dead on TV creates a track that could be played on the radio the band brings back their unusual sense of humor for the final track on the Creeper release. “I’m Easy” finds the band bringing back a lot of Punk feel into their music, as well as some New Wave feel. The final track gives the six-song EP a definitive feel that wraps the band’s music up nicely.

Creeper, the newest release from Dead on TV will make fans of Punk Rock very happy while also giving fans of other styles of Rock And Roll something to smile about.

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