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CD Review: Deadiron “Into the Fray”

In only four and a half years, Cleveland-based Deadiron has solidified into a band that sounds like a group with a lot more time under its belt. The heavy metal outfit features a sound that is very heavy but still with plenty of melody in its musical approach. The current lineup of the band consists of Alexander Van Ness – Vocals, Tyler J. Harvey – Lead Guitar, CJ Langmack – Rhythm Guitar, J Bennett – Bass Guitar and Tom Walling – Drums. The band’s melodic metal sound is so solid that they even managed to grab the attention of Cleveland heavy metal label Auburn Records who put out the band’s 2015 release entitled Into the Fray.

Into the Fray from Deadiron begins with the track “Cast No Shadow”. With all of the unrest that the U.S. is currently experiencing, it’s hard to ignore it. “Cast No Shadow” is a track that speaks of the growing inequality that is happening in the country. The music features a very energetic and quick-paced feel. The track features guitars that intertwine with each other to create a very deep guitar sound. The first track of the album gives the listener a good indication of what’s to come on the rest of the release.

“Lady Red” is the third track on the release of Into the Fray. It’s also the first time the band really creates a track that grabs the listener with its more commercial feel. Like “Cast No Shadow,” “Lady Red” features a very strong guitar part along with a strong vocal from Alexander Van Ness that has both a metal approach plus a heavy amount of melodic approach, as well. The Track ends up being something that could get a lot of play on heavy metal playlists of college radio programs and metal music podcasts.

The fifth track of the album finds the band creating a song that features a Classical music feel. The song features the acoustic guitar work from Tyler Harvey as well as a large amount of help from cellist Tara Hanish who can be found in the Cleveland band Seafair. The guitar and cello create a track that could easily be included on any Classical music program.

Once the song ends, it segues into the track “Travisty” (sic). Created several years previous to the recording on Into the Fray, “Travisty” was a track recorded by The Brazen Rogues, a punk rock band from the Greater Cleveland area. The track “Travisty” was written as a remembrance of a friend of that band and was later rewritten by Deadiron and rerecorded for the Into the Fray release. The newly-recorded version of the song keeps the spirit of the song alive while taking the song in a slightly different (and harder) musical direction.

One of the strongest standout tracks on Into the Fray from Deadiron is the song “Long Way Home”. Like “Lady Red” earlier in the release, “Long Way Home” is one of the more commercial tracks on the release. It’s also one track that brings to mind (at least for me) the feel of another band’s music. “Long Way Home” is a song that seems to have been largely influenced by the heavy metal Queensryche. In fact, the song feels so much like something from that band that the music, as well as the lyrics of the song, would easily fit on Queensryche’s Operation: Mindcrime release somewhere near the end of the album, probably between “The Needle Lies” and “Breaking the Silence”.

The track of “Skies of Grey” shows the musical abilities of the members of the band. The track begins with a very strong introduction with two guitars creating a strong riff. That riff segues into a track that, once again, brings the band’s melodic delivery to the forefront. “Skies of Grey” is another strong track on the album.

The title track to the new release from Deadiron brings back some of the ideas brought forth in the first track of “Cast No Shadow”. The lyrics of “Into the Fray” follow a young man who joins the war to fight in what he believes is right. The band’s music on the track seems to enhance the meaning of the lyrics of the song.

Into the Fray, the new release of from Deadiron, is a strong release from the first track. The album contains many strong tracks that the listener will enjoy. Plus, there is never a dull moment on the release. The band of Deadiron is one of the bands in today’s world of heavy metal that needs to be heard.

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