CD Review: Delaney Gibson – The Worst Kind of Way (self released)

worst-kind-of-way-200Singer-songwriter and pianist Gibson shows her multitude of strengths on this new CD though her music will undoubtedly lead to comparisons to Tori Amos and other female singer/songwriters of that ilk, if it’s noticed at all. It’s unfortunate really, as the late ’90’s showed great promise for women musicians thanks to the Lilith Fair and the increased presence of female singer/songwriters on the radio during the tour’s three-year span of influence showed the music business as a whole was ready to get behind the movement. Since then, truly distinctive female artists have once again faded into the background, fading from view so that cookie cutter pop tarts can take the spotlight, even though their talents are meager and all they are known for are the drugs they consume, the men they screw and how many out of wedlock babies they create.

Gibson, on the other hand, is a true talent who acquits herself well on this CD while exposing an upside that could very well make her one of the top artists in a few years. Her songwriting is solid, her singing emotive and passionate while simultaneously pitch-perfect and well-phrased and her piano playing unique and enthralling. While this album is by no means perfect, it is an exciting listen as one can hear Gibson’s obvious talent while still sensing how far her talents can take her.

While this CD won’t be remembered as her best album, it may very well be remembered as the one that put her on the map.

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