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CD Review: Don Puglisi “Bubbles of Light”

Don Puglisi is a multi-talented artist who has spent time as an actor, writer, director and composer. Having already spent time as musician, Puglisi is currently exploring the singer-songwriter side of his personality. That musician side of Puglisi’s personality can be found on several albums of music. The latest of Puglisi’s releases is entitled Ricochet Girl.

Ricochet Girl from Don Puglisi begins with the release’s title track. “Ricochet Girl” contains a rock and roll feel and sound that suggests something that might have been created a back a few decades ago. The music contains an acoustic/electric blend as the song revolves around the feel of the acoustic guitar while also featuring some electric guitar added in to give the track some depth. The resulting folk-rock sound of the track and the lyrics that seem to have been written with a simpler feel to them come together to create a song that could easily have been found on AM radio in the seventies. The light and easy feel of the song gives the listener a nice and simple track to help get them acquainted to Puglisi’s style of writing before he delves into something more substantial.

The new release from Puglisi continues with the track “Bubbles of Light”. While “Ricochet Girl” has a simple feel to it, “Bubbles of Light” takes the music of Puglisi in a much more complex direction. The track comes with a slightly Industrial Rock feel to the rhythm of the song at the beginning of the track. It is the drums that are truly the focal point of the song as they make up the majority of the song with only a little of the guitar added to the track to give the song a little melody. Throughout the track, Puglisi adds a guitar solo here and there to add some energy to the track. The harder feel to the music on the track gives the listener a much different take on the style to Puglisi’s music. While the track is slightly on the unusual side because of minimal approach to the guitar, there is still something very appealing to the track.

Just as the slightly unusual track of “Bubbles of Light” comes to an end, Don Puglisi changes the direction of the music once again with the track “Summer Ends”. The lyrics of the song seem to bring to mind the things that change with the coming of fall. With how energetic “Bubbles of Light” was, “Summer Ends” comes with a slightly easier pace to the music. The use of the acoustic guitar on the track brings back a lot of the musical approach from release’s first track and adds to that easier approach. Throughout the track, Puglisi changes the pace of the song by adding a lot of energy to a few measures by adding some electric guitar before returning to the easier feel of the song. The ever-changing energy and pace of the song keeps the song from getting boring.

The newest release from Don Puglisi comes to an end with the remix of the track “Goodbye New York,” a song that first appeared on Puglisi’s 2009 release of the same name. “Goodbye New York” is a song that has a gentle pace to the rock and roll music as the lyrics of the track find Puglisi recalling things about the city he left behind. With the new version of the song for the Ricochet Girl release, Puglisi seems to have only created a slightly different arrangement of where the instruments fall in the mix of the song. The resulting track makes one wonder if the only reason for remixing the track was to rerelease the song in order to give it more exposure. Since it is a very good song, one cannot really blame Puglisi for wanting to include the song on yet another release.

Ricochet Girl from Don Puglisi is a strong four-song release. The use of different styles in the tracks makes for an EP that will easily entertain the listener throughout its relatively quick playlist.

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