CD Review: Dylan Connor – Breakaway Republic

dylan-connor-200From the strongly Irish name I had wrongfully assumed this might be some singer/songwriter affair. Surprised was I to find out from Connor’s Freedy Johnson-like voice and delivery and sturdily-written light pop/rock that he is instead a master of the power pop melody! I should have known from the presence of Mike Viola’s name as co-writer of one of the songs in the liner notes. Viola is fast becoming the go-to guy in the power pop world thanks to his work with Bleu and several other up and coming power pop singers. The extent of Viola’s work is the co-write on this CD but one wonders if he had anything to do with the direction of Connor’s work. With the very solid back-up band corralled here and the strength of the songs, one would hope Connor will make quite a splash in the music scene. Catchy melodies abound and there is no ego-driven overplaying here, solos are tight and are crafted for maximum impact. Great stuff and I am hoping Connor is able to take his brand of pop rock into the charts.

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