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CD Review: Emanuel and The Fear S/T

Emanuel and the FearBrooklyn, New York is where you will find the band Emanuel & The Fear. It is this band this ensemble that has recently released their debut self-titled EP on Paper Garden Records.

Emanuel & The Fear has brought back the term “orchestral rock,” and with good reason: The ensemble is a mini orchestra. With strings and brass instruments to fill out their sound. While having the base of rock music, leader/composer Emanuel Ayvas also incorporates people like Rachmaninoff, Beethoven and other composers into the style of their music.

The average rock band has 3 to 4 members in the group, five if you stretch it. So to find a band that has eleven members in it is very unusual. Coupled with the fact that most bands are either Rhythm & Blues based or Blues based, it is a little strange to find a rock band that boasts about having eleven members and being an orchestra.

With the size of the ensemble and the style of their music, Emanuel & The Fear are virtually the only group in the music world today in their situation, with only World Leader Pretend and The Polyphonic Spree as recent contemporaries.

The self-titled release from Emanuel & The Fear has been out since the beginning of 2009. The band’s EP features five songs that make use of their symphonic style.

The first song on the EP, “The Rain Becomes The Clouds”, is the song that incorporates the style of the band the most. It is also the most radio-friendly track on the release.

At the other end of the spectrum is the song “Jimmie’s Song.” With its drum loops and production value, the song is closer to today’s rock music than “The Rain Becomes The Clouds”. It is also the longest track on the release by far, clocking in at eight minutes, although it could easily be edited down for radio play.

“We’re All Alright Tonight” is the song on the release that brings to mind the stylings of The Polyphonic Spree or World Leader Pretend: With the heavy piano playing of Ayvas, the track is both orchestral and rockin’ at the same time.

The debut EP from Emanuel & The Fear closes out with the song “Two”. The final song of the release gives the listener a clear indication of the talent of Emanuel Ayvas, as the song features only Ayvas on the piano. This track is the one track on the release that is the closest composition to anything that was composed by the late, great composers from back in the days of classical works.

With brass, strings and synthesizers, Emanuel & The Fear create music that few bands are able to release today. This sets them apart from much of the crowd. It also puts them into a category with very few others: Orchestral Rock. If you like music with a difference, the new release from Emanuel & The Fear is something to check out.

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