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CD Review: Fattooth – s/t

fattoothcdcoverWith their self-titled debut Fattooth showcase the incredible feat that they’ve accomplished – they’ve found themselves a unique, refreshing niche somewhere between the realms of metal, punk and rock that is almost unidentifiable. This ability to fuse styles makes the album unpredictable (I swear I heard a saxophone on ‘High Time At Low Tide’) and keeps you gripped and listening ‘till the end. The guitar is played by a master, the drums are banged like there’s no tomorrow, the rhythms are memorable and the lyrics scream ‘originality!’ When is the last time you heard a man (in makeup that gives KISS a run for their money) giving Santa shit? – “Hey Santa Claus put me on your list, I’ve been a good boy but now I’m pissed” [Rock Around The World]. Never? That’s because nobody has ever had the genius idea, until now. Leave it to Fattooth to challenge the conventions of metal and punk and to deliver a sound that is instantly recognizable and completely their own. With a debut like this, there’s nowhere to go but up.