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CD Review: Feist “Monarch (Lay Your Jeweled Head Down)”

I first listened to Feist over ten years ago when I visited Canada. Leslie Feist, simply known as Feist, is a member of the Canadian indie-rock band Broken Social Scene.  In 1999, she released her first solo album, “Monarch (Lay Your Jeweled Head Down)”.  I have been in love with her music ever since.

The beginning track, “It’s Cool to Love Your Family” is a memorable near and dear to my heart, I end up humming the tune cleaning around the house. The up beat strumming of the bass catches you and brings you in. When she sings about loved ones who have passed and how they are still loved and remembered by their family, it just hits me straight in the heart.

One of my personal favorites off this album is “Monarch”. It starts off with a violin quartet and goes into a march. I imagine walking out on open fields with monarch butterflies whenever I hear the intro. However, it’s about the Monarch of course and not about butterflies.

Track number 6, “That’s What I say, It’s Not What I Mean”, reminds me of how us women over-react and hang people we really care about by saying hurtful words we don’t mean. This slow and somber song reminds me of that plain and simple.

“Flight #303” isn’t one of my favorites off the album. However, it is very catchy tune. You will be singing the number 303 all the merry long day. The upbeat song reminds me of going on a tropical vacation with old buggers.

On a final note, I had to write a review about this album because it seemed to be forgotten. I recommend people go out and take a listen to this first jewel of Feist. Its indie folk pop sound is something that is rarely heard on the air these days.

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