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CD Review: Fight The Quiet “Let Me In”

Fight The Quiet is a four-piece band that had its start in 2004 when some musicians in Flagstaff, Arizona got together to form the original trio version of the group. Since then, the band has expanded to its current quartet formation. It is this quartet that recently released a new 6-song EP entitled Let Me In.

Let Me In helps capture the sound of Fight The Quiet’s current four-piece sound. The current line-up of Fight The Quiet consists of Nathan James on lead vocals and guitars, Timothy Dohse on bass and background vocals, Christopher Wargo on lead guitar and Brock Lefferts on drums.

Having already released two CDs of their own (Lessons In Vanity and the Porcelain EP), Fight The Quiet allowed itself some time between their last album and the current release to create enough strong material to put out a CD that is as strong as any major label release. They achieved that goal with their new CD of Let Me In.

Let Me In by Fight The Quiet begins with the title track. The song “Let Me In” can easily described as a “power ballad”. While other songs on the release are stronger, it is still a good song to lead off the release; the song helps by allowing the listener to become accustomed to the style of the band before the band lets loose with their style of rock.

It is with “This Is The Moment,” the second track of the disc, that you really get a sense of what Fight The Quiet is all about. The song is one of the strongest tracks of the six songs that are included on Let Me In. The song has one of the most positive messages in rock music today- stand up and be the man you need to be. The song is very strong. The message is very strong. And together, they make a great track.

“Won’t Let Go” is probably the first song on the album Let Me In by Fight The Quiet that is definitely a single. In fact, you can see the video to the song on the band’s website right now. The song begins with a very strong drum pattern provided by Brock Lefferts that helps to give the song its strength. When the rest of Fight The Quiet joins in, the resulting tune has a very commercial appeal to it.

Following “Won’t Let Go” is “Sway,” the only track on the Let Me In EP by Fight The Quiet that doesn’t come with lyrics that were written by singer Nathan James; “Sway” features lyrics that were written by lead guitarist Christopher Wargo. Whether James or Wargo writes the lyrics, the band’s songs are still strong.

“The Blue Chicago” is another track that has an intro that features a strong drum part by Leffert. It is also another song that could be used as a single to help promote the EP. The fifth song on the new release by Fight The Quiet seems to effortlessly lead the listener to the last song on the disc- “Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor”.

By the time the song “Scenes From the Cutting Room Floor” comes to a close, the listener is so hooked by the sound and style of the band that they might be rather disappointed that the newest release from Fight The Quiet is over. “Keep Them Coming Back for More,” as the saying goes.

With Let Me In being as good a release as it is, Fight The Quiet will need to step it up to improve on what was released on this CD. And since many more songs were written and recorded by the band at the time they were putting Let Me In together, hopefully it won’t be long before Fight The Quiet releases something else. But until then, you get to enjoy the band’s current release entitled Let Me In. To find out more about Fight The Quiet, you can find them at You can also find them on MySpace at

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