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CD Review: Greg Jacquin “Hudson River”

New York State-based singer-songwriter Greg Jacquin can trace his roots back to the Hudson Valley. His early childhood helped shape his taste in music as he grew up spending a lot of time with his Cuban grandparents while also being influenced by music from the likes of the Beatles and Cat Stevens. The three different influences meant a wide variety of sounds to choose from. Taking those influences, Greg Jacquin has just recently created a new album of music. That album is appropriately entitled Hudson River.

Hudson River from Greg Jacquin begins with the track “The Station”. The track features a solid Folk-Rock base to the music created by a light guitar and a strong piano part. That base comes alive with the addition of a strong string arrangement that adds plenty of orchestration to the track. The resulting combination takes the underlying Folk-Rock feel of the track and makes it seem more like an Indie Rock track than Folk-Rock. The track’s lyrics find Jacquin looking for a reconnection from his past. Altogether, the track of “The Station” comes complete with a sound that feels ready-made for the radio.

The pace of the music slows down on the track “Floating”. On a track that feels as if it would have fit rather nicely with much of the music from the seventies, “Floating” features a much more relaxed feel than that of the previous track. The acoustic guitar is much more prominent on this track, which adds to the Folk flavor of the song. That Folk feel adds a lot to the emotional feel of the lyrics about reliving the past by driving through the area today. The addition of the strings on the track takes the reminiscent feel of the lyrics and turns it into more of a dream-like state.

Greg Jacquin’s new release continues with the track “On the Moorings”. With this track, Jacquin brings the energy level up a few notches. While the first two tracks, the songs are created with the guitar as the main instrument. On this track, it is the piano that takes center stage and the piano gives the track more energy than the previous songs. The resulting sound brings to mind a song that could have come from someone like Billy Joel. 

The Hudson River release from Greg Jacquin changes directions nicely on the track “Scratches & Bridges”. While the earlier tracks contain a mainly laidback approach, the feel of this track sets itself apart from the rest of the release. The track finds a more energetic feel to the music as well as a horn section that replaces the string section that was so prevalent in the earlier songs. With the inclusion of the horns on the track as well as a stronger drive to the music itself, the “Scratches & Bridges” track feels like something that could have come from the band Chicago.

After one track of more upbeat music, Greg Jacquin brings the music back to a laidback approach with the next song on the release. With a rather appropriate title, “Yesterdaze” finds Greg Jacquin thinking back to earlier times, much like he did with the first track of “The Station”. But this time, the journey back in time is more of a personal one as he recollects things that happened in his life. 

The initial tracks on the release come to an end with the song “Hopeless Entrance”. This track has more of an edgy feel to the music when compared to the rest of the release.  The acoustic feel of the track is matched up with lyrics that have a rather familiar feel to them. As you listen to the lyrics and Jacquin’s delivery, you can almost imagine the song being done by Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame as the track has the progressive sound of the tracks contained within the Hudson River release. 

While the Hudson River release comes complete with six original tunes, it also features two additional tracks that takes two of the songs and gives them extra time on the release. The stronger of the two additional tracks is the song that began the album, “The Station”. Like the original track, the second version, entitled “The Station (String Mix),” takes the feel of the original version and strips away everything except Jacquin’s vocals, guitar and the strings in the background. The result is a track where the strings which used to be part of the background have now been moved more to the forefront. This allows the beauty of the strings to shine while giving the track an even more relaxed feel to it.

The Hudson River album from Greg Jacquin is a solid release that anyone who enjoys Folk-Rock and /or Indie Rock will thoroughly enjoy. The combination of the eight tracks create a release that is very easy to listen to and is the type of release that begs the listener to simply put the album on and just let it play out. And that is easy to do when there isn’t a weak track on the release.


To check out the music of Greg Jacquin, enjoy the video to the song “The Station”. 



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