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CD Review: Harptallica: A Tribute

When you think of instruments that are used in making rock music, you usually think of electric guitars, electric bass, and drums. One of the instruments that would not come to mind would be the harp. However, that is just the instrument that was used to make an album of music based around the music of one of the most well known bands in the history of rock music, Metallica.

When you combine beautiful, classically trained harp players with the music of one of the most-beloved bands of all time, you get a duo that makes their home in Baton Rouge, LA; a duo that goes by the moniker of Harptallica ( As the name suggests, this pair of musicians is making waves in the music community playing the music of Metallica ( on the harp.

Harptallica was the brainchild of harpist Ashley Lancy Toman. Ashley wanted to arrange the music of the heavy metal outfit to see if it could be done. After the results started getting rave reviews, she had enough music to fill an entire night of music. It was shortly after that when Patricia Kline became the second half of Harptallica, and the duo was formed.

Together, Ashley Lancy Toman and Patricia Kline have taken their arrangements of Metallica songs and recorded them. The results became the band’s 2007 release called “Harptallica: A Tribute” ( The album contains some of the most recognizable songs from the history of Metallica. Some of the songs that have been arranged for the harp are Master of Puppets, The Unforgiven, and of course, one of the most well-known songs from the band’s list of songs, For Whom The Bell Tolls.

If you are a big fan of Metallica, the album “Harptallica: A Tribute” is a must have for your music collection.

Harptallica is currently on a short, early year tour in support of their album. When they came through Cleveland on February 4, 2009, they headlined the main stage at Peabody’s DownUnder. There had been a change in line-up for the band when they come, however. Patricia Kline is currently busy taking care of some educational needs to further her education and was not be able to make the trip. So in her place, another harpist named Mollie Marcuson had joined Ashley Lancy Toman on stage. When they took the stage, the performance was flawless. You could not even tell there had been a change in the line-up. Another, longer tour should be happening sometime later in the year. If Harptallica happens to perform in a city near you, it would be worth your time to take the time to check them out. You’ll never forget the concert.

But until the band goes back out on tour, you can at least check out their music. You can find out more about the band by going to their website at You can also find the band on MySpace at You can find their release, “Harptallica: A Tribute,” by going to: or clicking on the album cover below.


HARPTALLICA: Harptallica, A Tribute