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CD Review: Hundred Days “Rise”

One year on from the quite brilliant debut release of “How a war is won”, UK rockers Hundred Days have returned with this six track mini album.

I have to be honest, their debut was of such good quality, any follow up would have to be as good, if not better to keep me satisfied.

‘Only Human’ kicks of proceedings in typically heavy fashion with it’s staccato riff and sing along chorus. ‘Just a mission’ is easily the stand out track on the album, with some very funky bass lines and solid drumming, with vocalist Stuart Curtin belts it out like his life depends on it.

The remaining tracks are all fine examples good song writing, especially the powerful and gentle ’The rise and fall’. The formula is simple. Start off with a catchy riff, add in some well thought out structures, sprinkle in a solid rhythm section, and finally pour in lashing of instantly recognizable melodies.

This is what Hundred Days do best, and on this mini album it is business as usual. Listening to “Rise” straight after their debut album it is clear to see the latter is superior in the song writing stakes, and hopefully the next full length offering will be on par.

For now this will no doubt keep fans palates whetted.

Aaron Phillips