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CD Review: Jamie Lynn Noon “A Moment To Break

Sometimes, you may want something a little lighter on your music player of choice. When you want that type of music, there are plenty of artists out there that deserve your attention. One of the latest artists that have the sound and talent to give you a little bit of “pop” to you rock playlist is Jamie Lynn Noon.

Jamie Lynn Noon is a singer-songwriter who was introduced too much of the world when she took part in the Artists Unite: A Celebration of Life Through Music 2005 release. That release contained Noon’s song “At The End of The Day”. Jamie Lynn Noon has recently released her debut EP of A Moment To Break. The music that is contained on the CD by Noon is very reminiscent of music from Tori Amos, Chrissie Hynde, or Chantal Kreviazuk. The EP is a six-song release that is piano-driven. The songs on the release alternate between living your life and falling in love. With those types of subjects, the songs on the release are very listener friendly.

The EP starts with the song “Second of a Spark”. This is one of the strongest songs on the CD. The track seems to be creating a following for Jamie Lynn Noon.

Another track of the EP that deserves to be mentioned is the closing track of “To Finally”. The song brings the EP to an end rather well. It also leaves the audience wanting more from this recent addition to the music industry.

If you like some pop with your rock music, there are plenty of known artists that fill that desire. One of the best new voices in pop music today is Jamie Lynn Noon, and her A Moment To Break EP is definitely worth checking out.

At the current time, Jamie Lynn Noon has been nominated in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Her song of “Second of a Spark” has helped her achieve this nomination in the HMMA. The Hollywood Music in Media Awards honors talented individuals around the globe in all types of music used in all media. Jamie Lynn Noon and the rest of the nominees will find out their fates on November 19th, 2009. Before the November 19th date, check out Jamie Lynn Noon and her music to see what everyone else is talking about.

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