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CD Review: Janey Summer – ‘Along The Way’

Janey SummerThis magnificent debut has been out since August 2008 and was re-released in February this year under a new label, I am now the proud owner of a copy so it is about time for a review of this masterpiece of classic Rock. It is a relatively short album, about the same length as both sides of an LP(remember those), which is perfect as there is not a single song or note in its entirety which is out of place. Please read on before checking out Janey’s pages…..

1. ‘Between Two Worlds’ – This opening song begins with an eerie sound of a distant large bell ring over a backdrop of windy weather sounds. Then a basic two finger keyboard rhythm comes into play and keeps flowing throughout the song. The bass, drums and guitar all subtly com into play along with Janey’s glorious vocals. It flows along very gracefully for about 4.5 minutes and pulls you in and along with it in a gentle majestic fashion. This like all of Janey’s has true heartfelt feeling to it, This combined with that voice of hers as always makes this great song shine out wonderfully starting ’Along The Way’ perfectly.

2. ’Flame’ – Begins with some great acoustic sounding guitar work leading to those vocals again where they tell a story about the chase of love. It is another beautifully written, arranged, and recorded song flowing from all of the care and love that the Janey Summer Band have put into it.

3. ‘Seeing You’ is another truly classic, loving rock tune that mesmerises with flowing joyful rhythms and harmonious riffs and chords to take you to the heights of the song.

4. ’Lie Along The Way’ goes a bit deeper, musically and lyrically and carries a feeling of melancholy. It is not a highlight, the title gives this away but it is an absolutely top quality song, with some beautifully overlaid vocals which highlight the emotions perfectly.

5. ‘Kept Me Waiting’ is another top notch classically Rocking love song which raises the tempo up. It is a really strong tune using more vocal overlays and choruses which highlight Janey’s vocal power.

6. ‘Stranded’ Is a sad love song about the breakdown of a relationship which flows so smoothly telling its tale of emotional blues and heartache using a little slide guitar which harmonises into the choruses so subtly and beautifully.

Then the mood of the album is turned around drastically as it moves onto:

7. ’ You Rock(My Chemistry), This brings the musical mood right up as it Rocks along expressing the feel of loves initial buzz so well. It is the high point of the album and once again beautifully written and performed with a highly catchy chorus. It is no surprise that this song has been a highly successful single release, it is a supreme example of high quality popular Rock and been a favourite of mine from the fist time that I heard it.

8. ‘Sometimes’ closes the album perfectly. It is a wonderfully written and strong rocking song, its melodies entrance as those vocals and lyrics draws you in and along with it. This song has to be my top pick from the album. It is a perfect example of the skill and style of Janey and her great band as well as being a top example of the amount of thought, feeling and love which Janey and the band puts into their music.

This great album is out through Holier Than Thou Records and available through from Play, HMV, Amazon, itunes as well as direct purchase.

You can check Janey out on her myspace page:

Or on her site

This album has been achieving a great deal of success and rightfully so, this such high quality material that it puts Janey and her band right up there, matching any artist on a major label and surpassing most with ease.

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