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CD Review: Jason Falkner – Bedtime With The Beatles (Record Collection)

Even though Jason Falkner has had a low mainstream profile since his days with Jellyfish, the man has nonetheless managed to put out a steady stream of fine solo albums. Not only did he have two great power pop albums released on a major during the end of the ’90’s, but he’s made a few more since then, mostly catering to his overseas audience while making a slew of guest appearances on other people’s records to keep his name out there. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not that Falkner has to rely on the guest gig to keep his head above water. After all, this is the man who was the driving force behind three of the best power pop bands of his generation: The Three O’Clock, Jellyfish, and The Grays. Let’s just say the man has talent to spare but the music business is all about what’s hot right now, and so Falkner has had to think on his pop feet, get involved with a myriad of projects and hope something hits big!

Right now, what Falkner is doing is delivering his second batch of Beatles lullabies. Why Beatles lullabies, you might ask? Well, because the songs are universal for one and how best to get children into some of the best songs ever written by the best songwriters ever than expose them with special versions tailored just for them? Falkner once again makes a sublime record of serene yet very compelling instrumental verswions of ten well-known Beatles tunes. While some may yawn at this news, Falkner creates a fantastic children’s record and plays every note on this disc! His versions of Beatles tunes are so lush and beautiful it may make you think of these tunes in a whole new light. Any Beatles fan or parent with children who would like to start exposing them to music will love this record. A child could do way worse them listening to this lovingly created Beatles lullaby collection. Falkner once again proves he is one of the most talented musicians in the business. Great stuff.

4.5 on the Scott-O-Meter