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CD Review: Jeffrey Dallet Band “Abnormal Oddities”

Denver-based singer-songwriter Jeffrey Dallet is the type of songwriter that draws influence from any and all genres of music. Because of this, his songs seem to come from all over the place. To describe the sound and feel of Jeffrey Dallet, the easiest genre to place him into would be Americana, as his music draws from many of the musical genres that make up American music. For his music, Jeffrey Dallet is joined bassist Caroline Browning, guitarist Brian Long and drummer Brian Bodley. Together, they help to create The Jeffrey Dallet Band. Just recently, The Jeffrey Dallet Band released the release entitled Abnormal Oddities.

The Abnormal Oddities release from The Jeffrey Dallet Band begins with the song “Bye Bye Middle Class Blues”. While the singer-songwriters around the era of the sixties focused on writing songs with lyrics dealing with real issues of the time, Dallet seems to have drawn influence from those songwriters for the track “Bye Bye Middle Class Blues”. The track deals with the shrinking of one of the financial classes in the United States as the rich get even richer and the poor get even poorer and increases size of the Lower class. The driving, upbeat feel of the music seems to be there to help the lyrical content (which has a Dylan-esque delivery) from feeling too sad.

The newest release from The Jeffrey Dallet Band continues with the track “Someday”. While the previous track combined elements of both Folk music and Rock and Roll, this track finds Dallet and his band drawing their sound more from the Folk side of things. “Someday” is a Folk-flavored track with a gentle pace to the music. The acoustic guitar and strings on the track combine to create a song that comes across more like “poetry set to music” than a song. The song’s lyrics of a man longing to be more than what he currently is feature a bittersweet feel to them. For those looking for Folk music that bring to mind the kind of music created back in the late sixties/early seventies around the time of the Summer of Love, “Someday” is one track that lives up to that style of composition.

The new release from The Jeffrey Dallet Band continues with the track “Blind Love In Vain”. The music to the track features a Folk-Rock feel but with much more energy than one would expect for Folk-Rock tracks. The underlying Folk-Rock influence comes from the acoustic guitar and drums introduction with the track comes alive with the inclusion of a much harder Rock and Roll flavor. The Folk-Rock /Rock and Roll mixture brings to mind the harder side of Bob Dylan’s music while the lyrical content of “Blind Love In Vain” (including the track’s title) bring to mind Dylan’s writing style.

The track “Dead and Lonely” is yet another track that contains lyrics that have a rather somber feel to them while the music for the track is much more upbeat. Like much of his music, the track “Dead and Lonely” has a strong poetic vibe to the lyrics. The music once again draws from the Folk-Rock side of things with a stronger Folk influence to it. The organ even adds a little Soul influence to the music. Because of the feel of the music, this particular song may actually fall more into the genre of Americana. 

Abnormal Oddities from The Jeffrey Dallet Band continues with the track “Gypsy Jewel”. The track once again starts with a strong Folk music influence, but soon changes as the music takes on a sound that draws from someone like Bob Seger. The combination creates a soulful feel to the music with a little Country influence thrown in. The inclusion of the fiddle helps to add to the Country influence. When the vocals from Dallet join the music of the track, the Seger influence becomes even stronger.

“My Old Record Store” is one of the most modern musical approaches of any of the song on the release as Dallet and the rest of the group combine several modern musical references to create a sound that could easily be described as Indie Rock. The fun, upbeat feel of the track helps to create one of the tracks on the Abnormal Oddities album that seems perfect for any modern Top 40 radio format.

For the song “Dear Dayton, OH,” The Jeffrey Dallet Band creates a lament to the city where Dallet’s mother grew up. The track features a strong, driving feel to the music as the Folk-Rock music mixes with lyrics about a town that has seen better days. “Dear Dayton, OH” is yet another instance where Dallet draws from the Folk influences that allow for making commentary about modern-day problems.

The Jeffrey Dallet Band brings the Abnormal Oddities album to a close with the track “Odd Ball Blues”. The track begins with the sound of the drums and bass. When the acoustic guitar joins in, the track takes on a Folk-like feel. Soon, however, the “title track” of the release takes on a much different musical direction as electric guitars, harder bass and banging drums all join together to create the hardest rocking track of the And when the vocals of Jeffrey Dallet join in, the track is yet another instance of a story set to music. The lyrics tell the story of the everyday person who seems rather out of place in a crowd, until that crowd gets large enough that no one notices his oddities as everyone else has their own oddities. “Odd Ball Blues” comes very late in the album, but ends up being one of the standout tracks of the release.

Jeffrey Dallet and the rest of the musicians that help make up The Jeffrey Dallet Band have created an album in Abnormal Oddities that contains strong lyrics that seems to tell stories as much as they entertain. The inclusion of tracks with powerful messages contained within the lyrics proves that not only is the music good, but the lyrics are strong enough that they make you pay attention to what is being sung about. With the different approaches to each of the songs, Abnormal Oddities from The Jeffrey Dallet Band is one album that feels more like a collection of stories rather than just an album of songs.


To get a taste of Abnormal Oddities from The Jeffrey Dallet Band, check out the track “Odd Ball Blues“. 

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