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CD Review: Kaitlyn Anderson’s “A New Word For Over”

Kaitlyn Anderson is a new face in the music industry. She is just starting to make a name for herself and already, the industry is referring to her as “America’s Pop Rock Sweetheart. Although the industry refers to the young singer-songwriter as being “Pop Rock,” her sound falls more on the Rock side of the music industry than it does the Pop side.

Having spent most of her youth pursuing the training she desired in dance and theatre, Kaitlyn gave herself a good starting point for achieving a career in the entertainment industry. Part of Kaitlyn’s training consisted of voice lessons to help her gain control of her instrument. Her voice has been compared to Bette Midler. Having completed her training, Kaitlyn has gone on to pursue her dream of working in the music industry.

When she is living her dream of making music and is presently in the middle of promoting a newly released 6-song EP entitled A New Word For Over…, the last thing you could call Kaitlyn Anderson is “unhappy.” One of the main reasons no one could call Kaitlyn that is because her current single, “Unhappy,” is on the move in the music industry. The first single off of Kaitlyn’s new EP has achieved the status of “Most Added” on indie radio in just one week and is also the #1 most added single for AC and Top 40 radio on the indie charts. “A New Word For Over…”, the new release by Kaitlyn Anderson, is the perfect way to introduce the world to the talents of this up-and-coming songwriter.

All six of the songs on the new CD were written by Kaitlyn exclusively, or were co-written with the help of two other female songwriters, Rachael Lawrence and Deborah Ellen. And while the three songs Kaitlyn wrote with the help of Rachael and Deborah (So Much Better, I Don’t Know How, and Walk Away) are good, the other three songs Kaitlyn penned on her own (Unhappy, Pressure, and Paralyzed Me) are what stick out. The best songs on the CD are the single of “Unhappy” and “Pressure”.

Helping Kaitlyn flesh out the songs for the EP are her band mates Guillermo Guerrero and Eric Kambestad. Guerrero is the guitarist for the band and helped write the musical arrangements for guitar. Kambestad is the bass player and helped arrange the bass parts for the music. Together, drummer CD Rios joined Kaitlyn, Guillermo, and Eric and the four musicians recorded the 6 songs that became “A New Word For Over…”
Kaitlyn’s style was shaped by her musical influences that include Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, Pink, Paramore, as well as others. These influences help form a style that fits in with the many female musicians in the pop/rock genre that have gone on to success selling many millions of albums. With time, Kaitlyn could easily become just as big.

With Kaitlyn’s first single, “Unhappy,” on its way up the charts, it’s only a matter of time before the whole world comes to know the name “Kaitlyn Anderson”. But you can hear the music of one of today’s best up-and-coming talents right now by going to her MySpace account and checking out her new CD entitled “A New Word For Over….” You can find Kaitlyn Anderson on MySpace at


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