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CD Review: Labeling Deloris – I Want Everything (Unsigned)

Wilmington, North Carolina rock band Labeling Deloris has what it takes to make it in the rock industry. The band has already a large share of success and is looking for more.

It was truly meant to be for the four musicians of Labeling Deloris. The band started out as a duo of singer Jennifer Reiff and guitarist Jason Rigney. After writing some music together while in college, the two friends wanted to enter a local Battle of the Bands competition. But it was after they decided that a band stood a better chance at winning the competition that they added Brad Rigney on bass and Andrew Boudouris on drums.

From the beginning, the band was something special; in more ways than one. The group had a sound that people seemed to enjoy. And the proof of that was when the quartet performed together for the very first time on stage and walked away with the victory at the Battle of the Bands at City Stage in Wilmington. As if that wasn’t enough, the band’s first single, “Know Where You Are,” ended up becoming a finalist in the John Lennon Song-Writing Competition.

With the success the band had in that short amount of time, the members decided to move to Nashville to become a part of a bigger music scene. This is the time that the band recorded their first EP, “For The Sake of Deloris”. The time in Nashville helped make the band stronger and helped them grow as musicians.
Having moved back to Wilmington after a year in Nashville, the band started working on the next phase of their career. The band has taken the next step and has just released their first album. The new album is entitled, “I Want Everything”.

“I Want Everything” is a bit different from most releases by today’s bands, as Labeling Deloris does not tend to follow the latest trends in music today. Because they don’t follow these trends, the band’s music is a little fresher than anyone else.

Not having to follow trends in today’s music help bands free up some of their creative side to create something unique. The members of Labeling Deloris incorporate, not only rock into their sound, but also some jazz, pop, and alternative, as well. This creates something fresh for those who are looking for that something different, but the band’s sound is still accessible enough for those looking for that safe, familiar feel. In short, the band’s music has been compared to that of Garbage and No Doubt, while still having a style of its own.

“I Want Everything” is the newest release for Labeling Deloris. The band just released the album recently without a record label. Although the album is a D.I.Y. release, the recording quality of the music doesn’t sound D.I.Y. at all. In fact, while most D.I.Y. releases leave much to be desired about the sound quality, this album by Labeling Deloris sounds as if it was recorded in a top of the line studio with a high-priced producer sitting at the recording console.

Wilmington, North Carolina’s Labeling Deloris is now touring in support of their new album entitled “I Want Everything”. Take the time to find out about this talented band. Labeling Deloris can be found on the Internet at You can also find them on MySpace at


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