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CD Review: Labeling Deloris “Throwing Punches”

You don’t often find a rock band that is fronted by a woman who is equally beautiful and talented, but Jennifer Reiff and the rest of the band Labeling Deloris has been creating music as a band for several years now. And with every passing year, the band nad their music gets stronger and better. Along with Reiff, the rest of Labeling Deloris is composed of Jason Rigney on guitar, Brad Rigney on bass and Andrew Boudouris on drums. With the beautiful voice of Reiff combined with the style of rock created by Rigney, Rigney and Boudouris, their music could easily be added to most Top 40/Adult Contemporary radio formats. The band is currently promoting their newest release of Throwing Punches.

It was in 2008 that the band released their last album of I Want Everything. With the years that have passed, the band has improved on their sound, and they have matured as a unit. With a tightened sound, Labeling Deloris finds that they are pulling away from other rock acts because of their musical mix of rock and pop.

Labeling Deloris had some good fortune lately as they had the chance to enter a recording studio and work with a real producer. With the help of Scotch Ralston, the music of the band has been taken to the next level and their sound has improved.

With the chance to record their music with a real producer, Labeling Deloris went through their songbook looking for the strongest tracks to make up their new album. Needless to say, four songs, “Two Minutes,” “Hearts Like Ours,” “Give,” and “Loving You More” had been included on the band’s last release of I Want Everything. However, with producer Scotch Ralston creating the feel of this album, the previously released tracks are stronger and sound better than before on this release. Together with the newly recorded songs, this is truly the strongest release from Labeling Deloris so far.

One of the best ways to judge if an album is worth owning is how often you would put the release on to listen to the music. With songs like “Breath In Me,” the title track of “Throwing Punches,” and the closing track of “Loving You More,” there are plenty of songs that will make you hit “repeat’ on your music player.

Labeling Deloris has been around for about 5 years now and the band gets better with each new release they put out. And now that they have been able to bring in a producer to help create their newest release of Throwing Punches, Jennifer Reiff and the rest of Labeling Deloris have put out their strongest release.

Another thing that is different from the last release for the band of Labeling Deloris is the fact that they changed cities. Even though the quartet came together in Wilmington, North Carolina, they now make their home in Nashville as a way of furthering their career.

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