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CD Review: Lactis Fever “The Season We Met”

Lactis Fever - The Season We Met

Lactis Fever is indie-pop trio from Como, Italy. They’ve just recorded their full-length debut record, “The Season We Met”, and it is a whopper that modern pop rock fans won’t want to miss.

Lactis Fever is brilliant – I like everything about them. Bright and energetic rock, vocals that have a punk attitude but retain pop sensibilities, and keenly written melodies and harmonies throughout – what’s not to love? The songs are terse and succinct, yet make an impression that lasts long after the three minutes is up. My only criticism is minor: the guitars are sometimes too muddled and dark for this otherwise upbeat pop rock. Outside of that, “The Season We Met” is one hell of a ride.

Lactis Fever is like a cross between Fall Out Boy and The Killers, and many of the harmonies remind me of the best things about 80s rock. This band should attract plenty of fans with varied tastes in music across the board – they are of a rare breed of acts that can please just about everyone. Given how terrific it is, it is hard to believe that “The Season We Met” is a debut record! There is not a single dud on the release, but some of the tracks I like best include “Down On My Knees”, “Be Tray You”, and “Friday 16th”.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8

Lactis Fever on MySpace. Official site.