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CD Review: Liars “Sisterworld”

Nothing sounds quite like the haunting melodies emanating from Liars’ new album, “Sisterworld.” This three-piece band from Los Angeles includes Angus Andrews on vocals and guitar, Aaron Hemphill on percussion, guitar and synth, and Julian Gross on drums. “Sisterworld,” released in March 2010, raises impressions and feelings, invoking images of shaman rituals and underground punk caves.

The first song on the album, Scissor, is a delicious surprise. The first minute and forty-two seconds are filled with Angus Andrews’ smooth “death crooner” voice, reminiscent of Jim Morrison. Then, the guitar takes over; giving the impression of a final death rattle after an almost religious ceremony. The rest of the album follows in the same vein; alternating between peaceful, soothing melodies filled with vibrant sounds and screeching rhythm. The final product is an album that makes for great company when walking in the dark and cold winter (speaking from experience), watching the snow fall, and sitting in front of the fire.

Songs to watch out for:
The Overachievers
No Barrier Fun
Here Comes All the People

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