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CD Review: Lights Out In Suicide City by The Valentine Failures

In today’s music industry, you find many bands that are looking to create their own style, their own take on a musical genre. Bands like The Valentine Failures want to be known for doing their own thing and not following in the path of someone else. The Valentine Failures are creating their own take on punk by also adding some glam sound to their style. With this mixture, the band has a sound that sets themselves apart from the crowd.

The Valentine Failures are a quartet made up of Justin on vocals and guitar, Dilton on guitar and vocals, Wayne on drums, and Bombs on bass. Together the band has created an album entitled “Lights Out In Suicide City”.
With the band’s punk, glam, rock mixture, the band has created a punk album that sets itself apart from the pop punk sound that most bands out there today seem to be following. The musical style of the band’s sound has a hard, serious quality to it. While most bands create music that could get them radio play, The Valentine Failures make punk music for the sake of making music.

The band is now in the middle of promoting their new release of “Lights Out In Suicide City”. The new release is the follow-up to the debut EP of “Hearts, Halos, and Hate”.

“Lights Out In Suicide City” is one solid album of music by this talented band. The songs on the album seem to describe the life within “Suicide City,” a place that seems to be a very gritty, and seedy place. And although this release is not a “concept album,” the songs do seem to be linked in feeling. With sound effects like police sirens, the music on the album brings to life what it must be like living in that dirty town where there is little if any hope.

The album features ten songs, with nine original tunes by the band. Of the songs that appear on the release, the best songs on the album are: “Born Into This”, “Dark Stars”, “Blackout My Heart”, and the “title track,” “Suicide City”. The nine original tunes are joined by the band’s version of “Anything, Anything”, which was originally recorded by Dramarama.

As a whole, the album is a great way to spend 30-plus minutes. And it is a great way to find out about a band that has already seen its share of notoriety as it went from an opening band to a full-fledged regional touring act around the Dallas, Texas area. The band has also had the chance to perform at SxSW in 2007. With time, there is a good chance that the band will make a name for itself outside of the Dallas area, as well as around the rest of the country, itself.

If you like good punk rock, then The Valentine Failures should be on your list of bands to check out. And the best way to check out the band is to seek out their current album, Lights Out In Suicide City.
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