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CD Review: Lindsey Buckingham Palace “Rock Star Parking”

Lindsey Buckingham Palace is a four-piece rock band from the Washington, D.C. area. After being together for several years, the current version of the band is now a quartet made up of singer/guitarist Mike Hill, lead guitarist Mark Minicucci, bassist Marc Rothschild and drummer Made Ployamornrat. Lindsey Buckingham Palace features a Hard Rock style with Classic Rock and Heavy Metal as influences.

The band once put out one self-titled EP and then decided to expand their musical library. The band recently added to that library with another EP, the recently released Rock Star Parking.

Rock Star Parking from Lindsey Buckingham Palace begins with the track “She Don’t Like”. “She Don’t Like” is a track that features a sound that brings to mind bands from back in the eighties like Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and others. The song features a very strong bassline, which makes sense as the song started from a bass riff and was built up from there. The bass kicks the song off and then the drums and guitars join in after about 15 seconds. The resulting groove created by the bass, guitar and drums creates some of the hardest rock and roll to be made in a long time as the song finds the band incorporating some Blues influence into the track to truly make the song feel as authentic as those songs that came several decades before it. The guitar solo near the end of the track adds just the right amount of power to the track.

Because of their Classic Rock influences in their sound, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the music of Lindsey Buckingham Palace contains a little Pink Floyd sound in the music of the track “Drowning”. The track begins with an acoustic guitar along with Mike Hill’s vocal delivery bring to mind that Pink Floyd influence. The band transitions to a slightly harder feel to the music to the song. The resulting music is something that combines the acoustic feel from the beginning and a harder Classic Rock feel. The sad lyrics to the song also bring to mind the style of Roger Waters. Altogether, “Drowning” shows that the musicians in Lindsey Buckingham Palace are true fans of Classic Rock and know how to keep the spirit of that style of music alive.

While “Drowning” has a very apparent Classic Rock feel, the track of “20 Years” finds the band taking on a more Modern Rock approach to the music. Once the song gets going, the song has a much harder approach than the first two tracks while the driving pace of the music keeps the listener tapping away to the music. The lyrics about all the artists and songs that came before and helped influence the playing and songwriting styles of each of the band members give some indication as to how and why Lindsey Buckingham Palace sounds the way they do. “20 Years” is a great tribute to the great Rock artists of yesterday.

Lindsey Buckingham Palace’s new release comes to a close with the song “Gringo”. With a sound that brings to mind Bob Seger with a little Joe Walsh thrown in, “Gringo” is one song on the release that truly brings the guitar to the forefront. The guitar playing from both lead guitarist Mark Minicucci and singer/guitarist Mike Hill combine to help create a track that has a strong Rock sound. The song also features simple lyrics about the life of a person just trying to survive and do the best he can. The track sounds as if it should have been created back in the late seventies or early eighties, once again showing the band’s Classic Rock influence.

While Rock Star Parking from Lindsey Buckingham Palace is only a four-song release, the four tracks included on the release give a very good indication of what the four-piece band is capable of. The rock influences of the four members are well-represented on the release and the resulting tracks combine to create a short but entertaining release sure tom please any rock lover.

To check out the music from Lindsey Buckingham Palace, go to the band’s Soundcloud profile.

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