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CD Review: Lord Nelson “Through the Night”

Lord Nelson is a Rock and Roll band that calls the state of Virginia home. Specifically, the band hails from the city of Nelson, which is most likely where the band’s name comes from. The quintet consist of: lead singer and guitarist Kai Crowe-Getty, multi-instrumentalist Henry Jones, Calloway Jones on lead guitar, Andrew Hollifield on bass, and Johnny Stubblefield behind the sticks. Together, the ensemble creates a musical style that can only be described as Modern Rock.

The sound from the band Lord Nelson consists of a timeless blend of styles that incorporates both Soul and Americana into it. That musical approach would fit as much with music from the eighties as it would with today’s sounds. Taking that classic sound, the band has created two releases: 2015’s The Country and 2018’s Through the Night.

Through the Night from Lord Nelson begins with the track “Second Chances”. The track begins with a strong drumbeat from Johnny Stubblefield that is then joined by lead guitarist Calloway Jones. The two instruments combine to create the backbone for the straight-out Rock and Roll track. The track’s driving feel to the song mixed with that straight-out Rock and Roll sound makes for a strong tune that moves along rather easily, creating a song that ultimately becomes a jam. “Second Chances” sets the album off with a bang.

The new release from Lord Nelson continues with the album’s first single, “Tail Lights”. Just like the previous track, the band creates a track that has a solid Rock and Roll feel to it. The track also features a strong R&B backbone to the music. While the previous track feels rather timeless in nature, the musical blend on this track creates a style that put the song somewhere in the nineties. “Tail Lights” could easily have been played on Alternative playlists at that time.

With the next track of “Black Hills,” the band’s sound changes a little. The music of the track contains a slight twang to it while the overall feel puts the song somewhere the late eighties/early nineties. The track brings to mind music from the likes of Big Country or even Bruce Springsteen.  Like the earlier tracks, “Black Hills” contains a musical direction that makes the track feel as if it should have easily been a hit back in the eighties.

Speaking of the eighties, that’s where you can imagine the track “Fingertips”. In fact, the track features a guitar part that seems rather reminiscent of something from John Mellencamp from that era. The inclusion of the horns, the band adds a lot of Soul influence to the track. “Fingertips” has a strong groove to it and once again feels very commercial in its musical direction.

While most of the tracks on the new release from Lord Nelson have a quick delivery, the band slows things down on the track “Good Time”. Along with the slower pace, the band gives the track a lot more Soul direction than any of the previous tracks. To go along with the overall Soul feel of the track, the horn solo in the middle of the track adds a bit of New Orleans Jazz to the track. The lyrical content of the track reminds the listener that nothing is forever and that your life will eventually come to an end. So have fun while you can.

Lord Nelson continues their new release with the track “Safety Meeting”. The song begins with a strong organ riff created by multi-instrumentalist Henry Jones. That riff contains a certain amount of Soul flavor to it and that Soul flavor gets incorporated into the body of the track. As lead singer and guitarist Kai Crowe-Getty delivers the vocals that Soul feeling shows up in his delivery. Together, the band creates a track that features lyrics getting together in order to create change when change doesn’t come on its own. While the track’s light, soulful musical delivery makes the track feel, there is a slight fun feeling to the track. But the serious nature belonging to the lyrics makes the overall feel of the song rather somber.

In the same vein, the very next track of “Southern Discomfort” digs a little deeper into the serious sides of things. The track’s lyrics speak of the current mood of the country as people are looking to change the way certain areas of the South are perceived. The track’s serious nature is matched up with a strong beat and a melody that makes for an interesting mixture.

Through the Night from Lord Nelson comes to a close with the song “Running on Back”. With this track, the band brings a bit of the fun back to the release. Like several of the earlier tracks on the release, “Running on Back” features a musical delivery that brings to mind straight-out Rock and Roll from the eighties. And while there is that eighties feel to the song, it also has enough of a modern feel to it that the track would feel right at home on today’s Modern Rock formats.

Through the Night, the newest release from Virginia-based Lord Nelson features a mix of styles that blend together to create a strong album from beginning to end. If you are a fan of straight-out Rock and Roll, this is one release that will satisfy your desire for the style.

Through the Night from Lord Nelson has yet to be released. Lord Nelson will be celebrating the release of the album on May 18, 2018. Until then, the band has released the track “Tail Lights” as the album’s first single.  

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