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CD Review: Moe Green’s Eye “Fast Radio Bursts Live” (And “Who’ll Take Me Home” Single Review)

Moe Green’s Eye is a straight-out Rock and Roll band from New York City that is comprised of front man Anthony Galati, guitarist and chief songwriter Steve Siegel, bassist Jeff Mackey and drummer Bob Gallagher. The band used a reference to a character from The Godfather movie series and an unfortunate situation that happened to that character in the series as the name of their band. That seems to prove that the band has a strange sense of humor to go along with their ability to play Rock and Roll.

The band of Moe Green’s Eye is currently creating music consists of musical influences such as New Wave music, as well as a lot of Classic Rock. They include bands like R.E.M, The Smithereens, as well as Tom Petty as major influences on their style. The band just did something that many bands won’t try these days. They recorded their four-song live in the studio. With this recording style, they captured the pure feel of their sound. The four-song release that was put out in is called Fast Radio Bursts Live EP.

Fast Radio Bursts Live from Moe Green’s Eye begins with the track “Fixed,” the first single off of the release. With a sound that has just a little bit of a New Wave influence from the British band Modern English, and more specifically, their song “Melt with You,” “Fixed” definitely has a very clear New Wave influence to the music. “Fixed” features a driving feel to the music and a very strong delivery in the vocals of the track. As the first track of the album, “Fixed” is a strong lead-off track.

Fast Radio Bursts Live continues with the track “Stay”. Like the previous track, the band of Moe Green’s Eye keeps the music in an eighties’ frame of mind. However, with this track, the band also seems to include a little influence from the early Alternative bands. “Stay” keeps the energy level of the music up with a driving beat to the music. Like “Fixed” before it, “Stay” has the type of style that would be welcome on the radio. “Stay,” however, is a lot closer to straight-out Rock and Roll and could have easily been played on modern Rock stations back in the eighties.

The Fast Radio Bursts Live EP continues with the track “It’s Over Now”. With this track, Moe Green’s Eye takes their music into a slightly different direction than with the first two tracks. While the tracks that started the release were more in the realm of New Wave/Rock and Roll from the eighties, “It’s Over Now” seems to bring to mind the stylings of the J. Geils Band as the track contains that band’s style of Rock and Roll to it. That specific feel keeps the band’s style in the era of the eighties but also shows that Moe Green’s Eye seems to wear their influences on their sleeves.

New York City-based Moe Green’s Eye brings their Fast Radio Bursts Live EP to a close with the track “What about Time”. This is probably the most unique of the tracks on the release as the three musicians of guitarist Steve Siegel, bassist Jeff Mackey and drummer Bob Gallagher combine their talents in the track to create a style that recalls Progressive Rock bands, most specifically, Rush. “What About Time” is a song that contains a Commercial Rock sound and a Prog-Rock sound at the same time. The combination of the two musical styles together makes for a song that has plenty of depth to it and would be a welcome addition to any Modern Rock radio formats.

Moe Green’s Eye’s new EP called Fast Radio Bursts Live shows off the talents of the three musicians and the lead singer who come together to create a band that uses slightly older musical influences to help make a sound that sounds generally timeless. The four tracks on the band’s EP come together to create a solid release. And the fact that the band had put together the release with songs created live in the studio shows even more talent from this talented group of musicians.

Moe Green’s Eye is not slowing down. Having released their EP called Fast Radio Bursts Live not that long ago the band has just released the next track which is being released ahead of the band’s next album which is reportedly being titled After the Baptism. This new track from the group is entitled “Who’ll Take Me Home”.

The track of “Who’ll Take Me Home” features a strong, driving feel to the music. It also features an undeniably commercial quality to the music. The track feels like it would fit right in with songs that had been found on Modern Rock or even Alternative Rock radio formats. Instantly, you can imagine this track being played right alongside bands like Gin Blossoms or Goo Goo Dolls. You could even imagine the track feeling right at home being played with a stronger band like Candlebox.  

There is a reason for “Who’ll Take Me Home” from Moe Green’s Eye fitting in with some diverse bands. Much like the band’s earlier material, “Who’ll Take Me Home” draws inspiration from different forms of Rock and Roll at the same time.

While you listen to the music, you can tell that there is a definite Alternative Rock flavor to the music. In fact, what the track may remind you of is the early days of Alternative Rock when the style was just starting to push itself away from the Rock and Roll that was being played on Mainstream Radio.

At the same time, however, the band has included a generous amount of Pop flavor to the song. Like the aforementioned bands Gin Blossoms or Goo Goo Dolls, Moe Green’s Eye creates a style that easily would have been right at home on radio during the late nineties/early 2000s. That Pop/Alternative blend creates a track that ensures that the band has a good chance to expand their current fanbase by tapping into two different musical followings.  

“Who’ll Take Me Home” from Moe Green’s Eye is only one track of music; however, when taken together with the band’s previously-released tracks on their Fast Radio Bursts Live EP, you get a good idea of just what the band can do. And the songs that are currently available from the band should make their fan-base shout for more. Luckily, there is more on its way.   

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